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Congratulations! I am so exited to be able to help you!

Here is what I need:

  1. Please download this HIPPA form, sign and email back or fax to 402-228-4587
  2. I need all the records you can share. The more the better. Here is a short list of what I need:
    1. Recent x-rays (1 year or less)
    2. Recent photography – ideally high quality
    3. Any chart notes from your dentist (yes, you can request these and they are yours, free)
    4. A detailed explanation what you are looking for
  3. All this can ideally be emailed. IF you need my physical address, just ask.

All information provided is my own opinion based on over 20 years of patient care. Unless through prior arrangement, I do not perform legal battles for patients or do professional witnesses services. (I have done this and it is a pain and very expensive as I charge per hour).

The sooner I get this information the sooner I can get started!!!!!


Christian Hahn