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The VIP Rewards Program helps our patients achieve optimal oral health and escape the dreaded Dental Cycle of continuously inflating dental treatment and cost.


  • 10% Credit For All Services Performed At Ideal Dentistry
  • Lifetime Warranty On Porcelain And Gold Crowns
  • No Charge Consultations
  • Refer A Friend Bonus
  • Exclusive Promotions On Products And Service


To qualify you need to “graduate” from the STABILIZATION PHASE of treatment.  These are the requirements:

  • Cleared your mouth of all infections
  • Treated all existing decay
  • Corrected functional issues
  • Follow our hygiene protocol
  • Follow our nutritional guidelines

INFECTIONS: Your immune system is your best defense against everything. Infections in your mouth (bone, gums, teeth) directly affect your immune system. The first priority to getting you healthy is to rebuild your immune system by removing the burden provided by infections.

DECAY: Tooth decay leads to tooth infection and hence is a priority as well. More important than treating the decay is discovering WHY you have decay in the first place. This question must be answered if you want to escape the dental cycle.

FUNCTION: If your teeth don’t function correctly then you will most likely develop TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), wear down/fracture your teeth and develop periodontal disease. Correctly functioning teeth are a critical component to optimal oral health. This may involve you wearing a nightguard.

HYGIENE PROTOCOL: If everything is perfect then a 6 month recare schedule is probably fine, but, not everyone should be on a 6 month schedule! Your hygienist will determine what time interval would be best for you to maintain your mouth. This time interval is critical. If you are on a long interval and at every visit you have bleeding then all we are doing is performing “supervised neglect”!

NUTRITION: You are what you eat. Are you eating a well balanced diet that is essential to build a human being? Is your pH neutral? Do you drink excessive soda, eat excessive candy or processed food? Do you take the proper daily supplements such as probiotics? We will help you develop a plan specifically for you and ensure that you are giving your body the building blocks needed to function properly and build a strong immune system. It is not just what you eat, but what you don’t eat that matters.


Once all the above criteria have been met then you are on your way to a healthier you and become a IDEAL DENTISTRY VIP REWARDS Member. You will receive a special card describing your benefits as well as the requirements you need to meet to maintain this VIP status.

Your best insurance policy is taking responsibility of your own health. You are your best advocate and only you can make the changes needed to become healthy. We will help you, if you like.

Your oral health is directly related to your whole body health. They are one and the same. “You are what you eat” is one of the most powerful and true statements ever coined.


Once you are a VIP Rewards Member you need to follow the following guidelines to maintain your status:

  • All Stabilization Phase categories must be kept up to date
  • No late payments
  • You need to follow the appointment cancellation policy
  • Neglect or abuse of teeth is not covered