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Brighten Your Smile, Brighten Your Life

Jan 08, 2018 I am not in the tooth mechanic business, I simply work with teeth to improve the life of my patients. This is why I call it life enhancing dentistry. Every smile I make is as unique as the patient it is created for, designed with critical input from the patient and sculpted by hand from a master technician in California. The patient has control over color, shape, and overall design while I guarantee the best materials and a perfect fit. Of course I help as much as is desired, and no smile is done until the patient is happy. My favorite part of the whole process is to see the confidence the patient gains when the smile is completed. Frequently I hear about all the positive life changes the patient has gone through with their new smile, which makes my heart smile.               For the past 20 years I have had the pleasure of brightening the lives of my patients with beautiful smiles. If you are looking to bring that sparkle back into your life, give me a call, I am here to serve and would love to show you what truly artistic dentistry... Read More »

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No More Messy Dental Impressions

Jan 03, 2018 Ideal Dentistry is proud to announce that we have added DIGITAL LASER IMPRESSIONS to our already state of the art facility. Digital laser impressions eliminate the need for messy, goopy dental molds that none of us like. Our system, the 3Shape TRIOS3, is the premier Digital Impression System on the market and will allow us Read More »

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Get to know your Dentist

Nov 08, 2017 Who is your Dentist? What are his or her philosophies? Do they have a passion for what they do? Medicine, including Dentistry, goes beyond the scientific aspect of care – it is about people. Too often we get treated like a number, a problem, or a project, while in reality we are all human beings Read More »

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