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Mercury Free Dental Practice In Louisville

Although perhaps not the first, Ideal Dentistry is proud to be one of the mercury-free dental practices in Louisville. Silver mercury fillings were invented as a cheaper alternative to gold fillings and have been in use since long before World War I! (They were first used in Paris in 1820).

Mercury, which is the material that makes up 50% of these fillings, is more toxic than lead, and who would allow a lead filling in is or her mouth today? So why would you allow a mercury filling?

Europe and Canada have very tight restrictions and bans on this material. The USA is lagging behind this safety trend.

This recent Courier-Journal article puts the debate over the toxicity of these fillings in the spotlight again:

If you have any more questions about these silver mercury fillings, their safe removal, and their best alternatives, then please contact Ideal Dentistry, your mercury-free dentist.

I have NEVER placed a silver mercury filling since I graduated – I follow the golden rule in dentistry: “If I would not use it in the mouths of my family, then I will not use it in my patients’ mouths either.”

Keep smiling,

Christian Hahn

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  1. Coy Danilo

    A great smile is always an asset. It brings about a positive effect that helps tear down barriers. When you have a great smile, people tend to think of you as intelligent, attractive, trustworthy and likeable.

  2. hahndds

    Yes, I agree completely. A smile opens doors, makes a first impression, and expresses how you feel about life.

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