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What Should A Good Porcelain Veneer Look Like?

Porcelain Veneers are not a “one size fits all” product, but rather a piece of art. So when a patient is looking for a dentist who does “porcelain veneers” they will quickly find out that everyone does porcelain veneers.

This, obviously, brings up the question of “How do I know the dentist has the experience to deliver what I want?”

Also, “How is one porcelain veneer different from another, and why does one cost more?”

All very good questions. The simple truth is that quality comes with experience and cost. Here is why:

The dentist needs to have the cosmetic background and experience to handle a large porcelain veneer smile makeover (one of the most difficult dental procedures), plus the dentist needs to work with a talented and experienced laboratory technician who will fabricate the porcelain veneers.

I challenge you all to ask your dentist at your next crown or veneer appointment this incredibly important question: “WHO is the lab technician that will fabricate this restoration we are doing today, and can I speak to them?”

Most of the time there will be a blank stare and then a “lab name” will be thrown out. This lab may have hundreds of technicians, most learning or simply “production” oriented, not quality oriented. You need to know the person, the technician, the artist that will create your dentistry, if you want premium quality.

So, that being said, here is the lab work I received yesterday from my technician, Naoki. Please note how neat and clean everything looks. Every detail of the case reflects pride and quality.

[Please excuse the black dots all over the pictures, there is dust in my camera lens and I need to clean it – these photos were just taken!]

Note the PERFECT marginal fit of the restorations above.

Note the METICULOUSLY clean and precise lab work.

Note Naoki, the technician, SIGNS each case. He considers each case a piece of ART.

A good porcelain veneer is a piece of art, hand sculpted to deliver everything the patient and doctor were looking for.

A good porcelain veneer fits like a glove, enhancing the beauty of the tooth – becoming part of the tooth.

Poor porcelain veneers are bulky, square, mass produced pieces of porcelain that have given many patients smiles they are ashamed of.

A smile makeover is a big decision that is not to be taken lightly. Once you are ready to get a smile you will love that fits you and your teeth perfectly, consider getting to know not only your dentist, but your artist/technician.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

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4 thoughts on “What Should A Good Porcelain Veneer Look Like?

  1. Alisha .


    I’m currently going through the process of my the top 10 front teeth all crowned. I have been in temporarys for about 3 months now this will now be the second time I’ve sent the teeth back for some reason they take 3 weeks to get back not sure if that is normal? Not sure where the Dr is sending them to I have a friend that use to work for the dentist I’m seeing she said he uses China? Not sure if that’s normal or not I didn’t even think to ask u just trusted my dentist. When he put them on initially they looked fake almost like dentures the dentist said it was due to the color that they weren’t that clear real looking white they were More solid white so he was going to send them bAck for color change also I felt the 2 front teeth we big looked like chicklet and the top of those two front teeth had a small black hole he said my him would drop into that hope? I’m afraid to get them cemented permanent and trust that the him will drop without a second opinion he said they alone looked longer then they were suppose to because it wasn’t properly fitted yet he just had me bite into cotton to see if I liked them first how am I suppose to know how they fit if he says they aren’t properly set yet and just places them in lugrky for me to see? Would you mind providing an email so I can send you some pictures and you could give me some advice? I also feel the two front teeth are not going together properly . Also the dental assistant left my original mold out of the bag so it changed it or messed it up some how so now there is no way to tell . I feel they should be alot better quality for the amount I’ve spent i saved for a very very long time. He also said he had to fuse the one front tooth to the other because Of The root canal he did on it and said it would make it stronger but because of that I almost feel it pulls that front tooth away from the other tooth that middle line between the two front teeth is very prominent almost looks,like it’s being pushed off from eachother hard to explain with out the picture.

  2. Alisha .

    GUM* Will drop into that middle spa e at the top of the two front teeth? That he has set it up to do that with the temps? But someone told me gums don’t drop they revered. This process is not turning out how I thought. And now the Dr. Said he is moving after this setting to a different state.? Like that would have been nice to know before hand so I’m scared if these don’t fit or look right this time which I have a feeling they won’t be a use he has said to trust him and wasn’t taking my concerns about the front teeth ..he said basically the gun will drop and color will change the fake denture look

  3. Dr. Chris

    Here is my email. Don’t get anything cemented. Sounds like we have some work ahead of us to get you what you deserve…
    I would be glad to help you anyway I can

  4. Dr. Chris

    This is difficult for me to read but from what I understand you need to find a dentist that communicates clearly with you. Gum tissue tends to receed rather than grow back – sounds like someone is planning to finish their cases and escape. Make sure you don’t accept anything unless you are satisfied with it. You are the boss, remember!

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