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KNOCKOUT VENEERS – Maximum White, Maximum WOW

Knockout White Veneers

Supreme White Teeth

Make a Statement


Some people want natural, some people want to get noticed. Knockout Veneers are for those people who want to stand out in the crowd!

TV, MOVIES, ACTING, MODELING, POWERFUL PROFESSIONALS, you name it, these are the people we make Knockout Veneers for.

Dr. Christian W. Hahn, Louisville’s top Los Angeles trained Cosmetic Dentist, works with one of the nations top lab technicians to deliver Knockout Veneers that will blow your socks off.

Dr. Hahn has made Knockout Veneers for models, singers, actors, professional sports identities, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, you name it.


Dr. Christian W. Hahn is one of under 300 Accredited (AACD) Cosmetic Dentists in the world, has been published internationally on cosmetic dentistry and teaches dentists through seminars about cosmetic dentistry. Experience really does matter when it comes to delivering a Knockout Smile!

Why would you get Knockout Veneers?

  •  Life simply is better with a beautiful smile
  • Stand out in the crowd – have the smile everyone talks about
  • Look great in pictures, TV, and steal the stage
  • Be more attractive to the opposite sex
  • Radiate power, confidence and success

Knockout Veneers are only available through Dr. Christian W. Hahn at Ideal Dentistry.

Dr. Christian W. Hahn only works on one patient at a time, delivering exquisite world-class dentistry.

Call Ideal Dentistry today to schedule your Complimentary Knockout Veneer Consult today and reserve your time.


It’s Your Time

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