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Get YOUR Second Opinion Here

Sep 07, 2016 I Am Here To Help You Are you looking for answers and tired of not getting what you expected from Dentists? — Are you ready for an unbiased, honest, confidential opinion on your treatment options or what has been done? — Are you looking for a second opinion from someone hundreds of people have trusted with their questions on Oral Health for over 10 years? — If you answered YES to any of the above questions then this SECOND OPINION option is going to be perfect for you. I am here to help YOU get answers to YOUR questions. I... Read More »

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Second Opinion – New but Bad Fitting And Painful Crown

Dec 04, 2012 Case Report: This young lady had this crown placed within the last year and has had constant pain since placement. Went back to see her dentist several times for “adjustments” without relief. Finally, after loosing confidence in her dentist she sought a second opinion. After a thorough exam it was determined that the crown did not fit well – it did not seal around the tooth. Having not resolved the bad fitting crown in time it is very likely that she now will also need a root canal treatment as the tooth is dying because of the poor fitting... Read More »

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We Treat The Entire Body, Not Just Teeth

Feb 16, 2011 I have written and lectured about “The Dental Cycle” for years now, yet on a daily basis I encounter patients that have never heard of it. The Dental Cycle, and freeing yourself from it, is at the core value of Ideal Dentistry. This whole concept is what sets us apart from all other dental practices. We work hard at teaching you how to not need our services, rather than find services we can provide for you! Those services we do provide are performed only at the highest standards, without compromise. Our perfect patient has a beautiful, healthy mouth and... Read More »

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Cosmetic Dentistry 101 – Laboratory Technician

Jun 16, 2010 I have had so much great feedback about the last post, Cosmetic Dentistry 101. It seems that more and more people are doing their research when it comes to cosmetic dentistry than ever before. This post will focus on an essential part of every cosmetic dental practice, the laboratory technician. Cosmetic dentistry often requires a dental technician to fabricate the indirect restorations such as porcelain veneers, crowns, onlays and inlays. The dentist prepares the tooth and takes a mold which is then sent to the dental lab. From this point on it is up to the skill of the... Read More »

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NOT so “Cosmetic” Dentistry

Dec 03, 2009 What is the difference between a Cosmetic Dentist and an Accredited Cosmetic Dentist?  Well, the difference is in the details. Understanding facial aesthetics, not just teeth, is critical. The goal with every cosmetic smile makeover is to improve the whole smile, the whole face, the whole person, not just the teeth. Here are a few cases I found online that are touted as “Smile Makeovers“. You be the judge. Are these smiles complete? What is missing? More after the pictures. Please remember, these cases are NOT MY DENTISTRY! Looking at the above before and after pictures, what do you see?... Read More »

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Second Opinion Roundup

Nov 23, 2009 Here are some pictures of “second opinions” I have given and what my thoughts were. When patients tell me that I am “more expensive” then another dentist in town, I can not help but imagine what type of dentistry this patient really want in their mouth. My answer, always, is to have the patient compare apples to apples, and oranges to oranges.  If you are looking for high quality dentistry that looks beautiful, is made by a top laboratory technician, and is designed and maintained to last (experience matters, but a lot of bad experience does not count!), then I am the... Read More »

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