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Suger is Destroying the World…

Jun 25, 2014 Dentistry goes beyond cleaning and filling teeth in this century. Dentist have the unique ability to help patients understand how sugar and acid is slowly killing all of us. Yes, it is that bad. Sure, Cosmetic Dentists love to fix your smile and make you look great, but we have an opportunity to not only save your smile…but your health. A while back I wrote an article on how to escape the Dental Cycle. Now more and more studies from reputable sources (Mayo Clinic, etc.) are confirming the facts that acid (diet) and sugar (diet) are the root of... Read More »

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Dr. Oz Discusses Mercury Fillings In Teeth – The Danger And His Recommendations

Feb 21, 2012   Silver Mercury Fillings, or Amalgams, have been around since the beginning of dentistry. Back in those days it seemed like a good idea to mix mercury with silver and place it into teeth. The dangers of mercury were not yet known… Silver Mercury Fillings were invented in 1819 (the first amalgam filling was placed in 1830 in the USA).  The car was not invented until 1885! Many things have changed since the wild west days, but mercury fillings are still placed in the United States. Mercury fillings have been banned in Europe and Canada for their obvious release... Read More »

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Biological Dentistry – Mayo Clinic Links Major Diseases To Oral Health

Dec 20, 2011 What does Endocarditis, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s Disease have in common? They all have been linked closely to the mouth! Your oral health no longer is just about shiny white teeth and good breath, but your entire health depends on it. The bacteria in the mouth can be very dangerous and literally kill you. Read the Mayo Clinic Report below to learn more about how these diseases are related to your mouth. MAYO CLINIC REPORT At Ideal Dentistry we have understood this link for a long time and focus on creating a healthier you, not just fix... Read More »

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Escape The Dental Cycle – Achieve STABILITY

Aug 16, 2011 The mighty OAK is a great analogy to you, the mighty HUMAN. Both the oak and you need stability to grow strong and live long. Here is how the oak tree does it: Oak trees have a strong roots system that nourishes and supports the tree. In human beings we need a strong root system to nourish and maintain the body as well. Over the past 13 years I have developed a 5 root stability program that allows you to become the strongest and healthiest “you” that you can be. Each one of these 5 roots is essential to... Read More »

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Smile, It’s Natural – Facts About Smiles

Aug 04, 2011   A beautiful smile is a treasure. It helps you in every aspect of life from your social life to your work life. Smiles open doors, confuse an approaching frown, are contagious and release endorphins, making you feel better. A beautiful smile changes how other people think of you, and more importantly, how you feel about yourself. A beautiful smile allows you to express yourself and engage others more easily. Here is a collection of statements made over time about smiles. Enjoy. When someone smiles in is universally known as an expression of happiness which is recognized by almost... Read More »

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The Truth About Decay And Cavities – What You Must Know

Jul 25, 2011 Ideal Dentistry €“ The Truth about Decay Nobody likes to see the dentist, yet our lifestyles are geared towards tooth decay and inevitable dental visits. Cavities are €œnormal€ and expected, yet they are completely preventable. Each new patient at my practice receives a comprehensive exam and then, most importantly, a consultation on where they stand, how they got there and what it takes to avoid any future dental problems. Here is a general synopsis of the information you can expect during your consultation: Bacteria:  Sugar Bugs DO NOT Eat Teeth There is a common misconception out there that bacteria... Read More »

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And You Wonder Why…All Natural Cupcakes Vs. Grocery Store Cupcakes

Jul 20, 2011 Smile, It’s Natual! This is our tagline for a reason here at Ideal Dentistry. More and more people are re-discovering the benefits of eating natural, organic foods! You are what you eat is one of the best statements ever coined. Just the other day somebody bought some cupcakes for a birthday party here at Ideal Dentistry. The thought was great, but I was stunned by the incredibly long list of ingredients! Here is a photo of the ingredient list of the cupcakes: Really now, what DOES it take to make cupcakes? I did a few searches for natural cupcakes,... Read More »

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Smile, It’s Natural

Jun 22, 2011 Ideal Dentistry has made a commitment to providing quality cosmetic and general dentistry for all ages, and we do this using the most natural procedures and dental materials available. It is not hard to see how the world is changing – most of us have noticed the trend towards healthier foods and lifestyles all around us. Salads and oatmeal at McDonalds, organic foods in the grocery store, every business wants to go green….the list is endless, but dentistry seems to have fallen behind. Many dentists and dental organizations still hold onto the stone age belief that silver mercury fillings... Read More »

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Smile, It’s Natural!

Jun 08, 2011 At Ideal Dentistry our philosophy is simple SMILE, IT’S NATURAL What does this mean? Well, simply put, we use the most natural procedures and products available. We have never used mercury in any fillings, and focus on the whole body, not just the teeth. It is hard to believe that still today in the USA the most common filling placed is a mercury filling!   When you become a member of Ideal Dentistry you will be treated according to our founding principles: The less dentistry we perform the better for the patient Treat the individual, not the tooth Use... Read More »

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The Dental Cycle – What is it and why you want OUT!

Apr 04, 2011   You see the dentist for your bi-annual cleaning and check-up, and a cavity is €œdiscovered€. You schedule an appointment, go in and get your cavity fixed, and then wait till your next cleaning and check-up appointment, at which point a new cavity is €œdiscovered€ and you schedule an appointment to get it fixed. Repeat this for the next foreseeable future you there you go; you are in the dental cycle. Frequently this dental cycle is closely related to your insurance benefits. Meaning, you see the dental hygienist two times a year because your insurance pays for two visits... Read More »

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Natural Dental Conference – Bringing the focus back to natural health

Mar 14, 2011 This week I will be attending the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s annual conference in St. Louis. This conference focuses on Biological Dentistry and will allow me to bring the most current methods in the field to my patients. We will cover everything from sleep disorders, amalgam, and hormone disorders to cavitations and environmental exposure problems. My passion for an organic lifestyle has led me to incorporate this into my dental practice. I have never placed a silver mercury filling (amalgam) in my practice! For years now my focus has been on getting my patients out of... Read More »

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Fluoride – Is It Bad For Me?

Feb 22, 2011 For many decades fluoride has been given credit for the reduction in tooth decay. All this may change. When I first moved to Louisville I noticed an alarming number of patients with the above pictured tooth pattern called “dental fluorosis”. Back on Orange County, California I saw a case like this every so often. This epidemic of dental fluorosis here in Louisville pushed me even further towards my belief in natural, organic care. What is dental fluorosis? Simply put, the enamel (the strong, outside layer of the tooth) is created with a different crystal, namely fluoride, which can increase... Read More »

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