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At Ideal Dentistry It’s All About YOU, Not Just Your Teeth

Jun 20, 2012                   Dentistry is a wonderful profession – we get to meet so many incredible people and make a truly positive difference in their lives. The patient above is a great example of this…I was able to help her out with some conservative cosmetic dentistry that rebuilt her smile (with Componeers) and her confidence. The difference it made in her life (especially according to her grand children) was music to our ears at Ideal Dentistry. Cosmetic Dentistry is my passion not just because I am German and love the technical challenge associated... Read More »

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European Dental Office Design

Dec 06, 2010 Almost all of our new patients immediately comment about the look of our dental practice. It is clean, clutter free, open, bright, and …different. It is a European design for a German dentist. A dental practice does not have to be a dungeon. Why do most dental practices look like “dental practices”? We made an active effort to design a dental practice that makes our patients feel comfortable. Since we built the practice we have been asked almost every design question possible. And yes, the office is nearly LEED certified. We aimed at creating a clean, bright and comfortable... Read More »

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ORGANIC Dentistry

Dec 29, 2009 Over the last 10 years I have been researching natural alternatives in Dentistry, continuously seeking the healthiest form of treatment for my patients.  Just repairing the problems that I encountered with my patients teeth seemed futile.  It is not enough to just “fix what broke.”  WHY did it break in the first place?  WHY are your gums bleeding?  WHY are your teeth loose?  WHY do you need a root canal?  These are the questions I spend most of my time on.  All too often our society seeks the MAGIC PILL to fix the problem.  You can get a pill for... Read More »

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Natural, Green Dentistry

Nov 23, 2009  Green Is Good.  We all know that by now. Most major companies are going green, people are buying green/natural products, and dentistry is no exception. I built Ideal Dentistry on this philosophy, and it shows.  As mentioned in a previous blog entry, Ideal Dentistry won a national office design competition because I implemented major “green” building principals, providing an environment that is more conductive for both patients and nature.  Business First featured Ideal Dentistry this week in its “Green Business” section because of my approach.  I provide many natural dental alternatives to my patients, ranging from healthier tooth conserving fillings to natural oral care products.... Read More »

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Dental Practice Design from Europe

May 06, 2009 Ideal Dentistry has a new home – Prospect.  Over the last 6 months I have been building a new facility that will reflect my European/Modern heritage and which will not scream “I am a dental office”.  Below is one of the photos we took.  Soon our website will receive a matching face lift.  Feedback has been excellent from patients.  I invite you to stop by and visit our new facility. Read More »

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How Do I Pick a Good Dentist?

Apr 19, 2009 IF you’ve got a dentist that you’re delighted with then… Skip this blog entry If not, please read on… Louisville has lots of “family dentists“, “cosmetic dentists“, “we cater to cowards dentists” and now even “advanced cosmetic dentists“. Trying to work out who’s right for you is probably pretty confusing, especially when so many dentists are claiming to be experts. Truth be known, “family dentistry” never was and never will be a speciality and, “cosmetic dentistry” is just about on any dental sign these days.  Who is not a cosmetic dentist? Read the blog about cosmetic accreditation to see what you... Read More »

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Insurance Questions

Mar 30, 2009 I will try to answer questions from my patients as they arise.  Today I want to answer one of the most common ones:  Why are you not “in network” with my insurance? The answer goes back several years to the point when I had to make a decision: What type of dentistry did I want to provide to my patients?  Well, about 10 years ago I chose to provide only the type of dentistry to my patients that I would accept for my myself or my family.  It was not an easy decision.  Providing top quality dentistry comes with... Read More »

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Mar 12, 2009 Yes, you are reading this right. For the first time ever I am DOUBLING your insurance benefits towards restorative dentistry!  This promotion as part of our GRAND OPENING in Prospect is unheard of. Most people look at me and think it is a joke, but let me assure you, for a limited time it is for real! LISTEN to what Dr. Hahn has to say So how does this work? Well, here are the basics, you will have to call to get more specific information. Ideal Dentistry is the most exclusive dental practice in Louisville. Our new facility is... Read More »

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Ideal Dentistry Now Accepting New Patients in Prospect

Mar 06, 2009 After several months of design and planning Ideal Dentistry has opened its doors in Prospect, Kentucky!  We are very proud of our facility, bringing a more modern/European look to Louisville. For the next few weeks we are offering GRAND OPENING SPECIALS with FREE GIFTS to all patients!  We have initiated a FREE WHITENING FOR LIFE program among other incredible deals never seen before in a world class practice like Ideal Dentistry. We invite you to stop by and see why we are different. Pick up your free gift and meet our incredible staff! Read More »

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