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Ideal Dentistry On Facebook LIVE – Get To Know The Practice

Dec 01, 2016  If you are in Louisville or Prospect, Ideal Dentistry is just a short hop down to the road an provides an entirely different type of dental experience! We believe dentistry does not have to be impersonal but does need to be comfortable and of premium quality – if you have to go get some dentistry done you may as well do it right the first time and avoid complications…many of our new patients come to us because of complications, bad cosmetics or because they are sick and tired of being treated like a number in the system. We believe... Read More »

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Patient Guide To Getting A Good Fitting, Good Looking Crown

Aug 30, 2016 The most common questions I receive on my blog are related to patients not getting what they expect with respect to crowns/caps. Here are the issues patients face: Crowns that were placed without having the patient first approve the esthetics (ugly crowns) Crowns that fit so poorly that they are adjust/ground down many times and eventually result in the tooth dying Crowns that leave black edges at the gumline Crowns that look and function more like mushrooms Crowns that are sensitive Crowns that result in root canal treatments To help patients get what they deserve, which is a good looking,... Read More »

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Dr. Hahn Speaks To Dental Industry Leaders

Oct 16, 2015 Dr. Christian Hahn presented a lecture on Minimally Invasive Smile Makeovers and the Ethics of Cosmetic Dentistry to a hand selected group of KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) in the Dental Industry. Cosmetic Dentistry should not only be beautiful but follow the “Do No Harm” principle of medicine. Too often teeth are cut like a pencil and sacrificed for the sake of esthetics. It is Dr. Hahn’s view that less is more and that we need to think 10, 20 and 30 years ahead for each patient. There now are minimally invasive techniques and materials available that allow us to... Read More »

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Get A Beautiful Smile – Today!

Apr 25, 2015 Beautiful Composite Veneers can change your life…immediately. I love creating smiles, it is my passion. To think that so many people smile with their lips closed, hold a hand over their smile or turn their head to hide their smile is just terribly sad…you need to express yourself and a smile is the ultimate form of expression. If you don’t love your smile and feel that your smile is holding you back, call me! Let me help you. Composite veneers are about half as much as porcelain veneers and can be completed in one day. I look forward to... Read More »

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Not your Mom’s Denture

Dec 10, 2014 Do your dentures rock and roll around your mouth making eating and talking almost impossible? Do you use more adhesive glue to keep your teeth from falling out than a Kindergartener in art class? Do your dentures “look like dentures“? Ideal Dentistry was founded by me to help people like you. I have always believed that everybody deserves a smile they are proud of, and that includes those who wear dentures! Loose dentures that look like fake teeth are not your destiny! There are options for you, good options. I have worked hard over the past 15 years developing... Read More »

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Componeers – An Economical Yet Beautiful Alternative To Porcelain Veneers

Oct 28, 2014 Dr. Christian Hahn has been teaching other dentists around the World for 4 years now how to restore beautiful smiles with Componeers, the gorgeous economic alternative to porcelain veneers. Last week Dr. Hahn taught a group of Dentists in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the benefits of Componeers and how adding this affordable alternative to porcelain laminates can make a positive difference in their practice! Cosmetic Dentistry is life changing, but only if the patient can afford it. Porcelain veneers are expensive, require several visits and are hard to repair. Componeers, indirect composite laminate veneers, are beautiful, easy adjust and repair... Read More »

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A Dentist offering Botox?

Oct 13, 2014 Cosmetic Dentistry encompasses not only teeth, but the entire face. For decades Cosmetic Dentists have looked at facial structures while designing smiles that fit your unique characteristics. So, it comes at no surprise that such products as Botox and dermal fillers fit right into the dentists wheel house. That being said, many patients still wonder if Botox injections should only be given by “Plastic Surgeons”, “Dermatologists”, or “trained Nurses”. I ask you, who gives injections daily for a living? Who specializes on facial structures? People always ask me about adverse reactions to Botox and dermal fillers. The long-termed safety... Read More »

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How can a Smile save you from Plastic Surgery?

Oct 01, 2014 Do You Smile a lot? Research shows that the average woman smiles 62 times per day and the average man only 8 times per day. On contrast, babies smile about 200 times per day and children 400 times!   Why does this matter? Think of it this way. It takes muscles to smile and it takes muscles to frown. WHICH muscle are you exercising? What happens to muscles that you exercise? They get bigger and stronger, of course. So if muscles that smile pull your lips and face up, what to muscles that make you frown do?   So,... Read More »

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Dr. Hahn Interviewed on Componeers – Direct Composite Veneering System

Apr 29, 2014 Dr. Christian W. Hahn, a international speaker on Cosmetic Dentistry, is featured in this audio interview on the new direct composite veneering system called Componeers. Componeers deliver many of the benefits of porcelain veneers at about half the cost and multiple other benefits. Dr. Hahn travels the United States teaching this system to fellow dentists. If you have any questions about this breakthrough in Cosmetic Dentistry, please give us a call at Ideal Dentistry – 502.298.3609 Read More »

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How are White Fillings Placed?

Feb 26, 2014 Everybody likes beautiful white teeth. Did you ever wonder how a white composite filling is placed? What is involved in replacing a silver mercury/amalgam filling? Well, here is a quick step by step outline demonstrating the placement of a white filling. ISOLATION: We need to isolate the tooth with or without a rubber shield. Below you can see how some of the fillings are isolated. In some of the teeth the silver mercury or decay has already been removed. We use a clamp to separate the teeth so a tight contact can be achieved in the final restoration. EVALUATION:... Read More »

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Thin Porcelain Veneers – Save Your Tooth Structure

Jan 14, 2014   Porcelain Veneers are beautiful, there is no question about that. A beautiful smile really does improve the quality of your life…but, is it worth cutting your teeth down to little nubs? In my dental opinion no. Your teeth need to last you your entire life, so the more tooth structure you save the better. The good news is that top cosmetic dentists now are able to deliver thin, minimally invasive porcelain veneers that look amazing! The thinner the porcelain veneer the more skill is required of the dental technician and the dentist. This is why I recommend patients... Read More »

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Happy Thanksgiving from Ideal Dentistry

Nov 27, 2013 Happy Thanksgiving to you all from Ideal Dentistry, your premier source for quality dentistry in Louisville. One of the most important pleasures in life is the ability to enjoy eating…another great reason to take care of your teeth. If you want to improve your ability to enjoy these festive times, call us, it is not too late to get your teeth fixed for Christmas! Keep Smiling, Dr. Chris   Read More »

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