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The Ideal Dentistry Advantage

Jan 21, 2018 Ideal Dentistry now has been creating amazing smiles and changing peoples lives here in Louisville for nearly 10 year now! It has been an honor to be able to server my community and be the patients advocate in such an insurance driven environment. The video below is a quick synopsis of what Ideal Dentistry stands for and why we are different. Thank you all for trusting me with one of your most valuable assets, your smile and health. Most Sincerely, Dr. Chris Read More »

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New ZOOM Whitening Experiment

Oct 05, 2017   Who does not want WHITER teeth?      This is my personal before and after photo – I tested the new in-office ZOOM laser whitening procedure to make sure it does not create too much sensitivity and gets the results we expect at Ideal Dentistry. I began the procedure after all patients had left and it took just about 1 hour. Here is how it works: Your teeth are polished to remove any plaque and stain that could prevent the bleaching product from reaching the tooth. It’s minty and tastes good. A unique cheek retractor appliance is placed... Read More »

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