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White Fillings – How Are They Placed?

White fillings, or composite restorations, are a wonderful option if done correctly!

Read this article to avoid pitfalls with white fillings: WHITE FILLING PAIN ARTICLE

To avoid problems with white fillings you need to place them correctly!

Here is a typical sequence for a white filling:



Using a rubber dam or shield is very important when you remove the mercury! Also, the rubber dam keeps the moisture away from the tooth while the white filling is placed.

Building up the white filling has to be done in stages so that it does not shrink too much. Once the filling is complete the restoration is shaped and polished.

We use the Smartview Matrix System (Compositesmart) to place these type of restorations which allows us to get better contacts between teeth.

Done properly a white filling is a wonderful way to enhance your smile.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

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