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The New Status Symbol For 2012 – A Clean, Healthy, Decay Free Mouth!

We have all seen it…

the dentist with bad teeth

the doctor that smokes and is overweight

the financial manager that is broke

WHAT do all these people have in common? They do not walk the talk!

For 2012 I suggest we all take a good look in the mirror and at those individuals that we entrust our lives to…our doctors, dentists, financial managers, teachers, and significant others. Are we/they living up to the rhetoric they stand for?

This is the year to put your health first. What do you have in this world if you do not have your health? Find a doctor and a dentist that focuses on YOU, your health and not just your insurance plan.

Looking back at 2011 I am proud to report that my office, Ideal Dentistry, fought for every patient against their insurance company, delivered only the best care we are able to, and focused on getting our patients out of the dental cycle, not into it.

2012 is a new year, a new beginning. You have the chance to wipe clean last years slate and begin with a new one. May I suggest you put “YOU” first this year and select professionals that walk the talk. Ask your doctor if they smoke, look into your dentists mouth, chose the person that fits the part, not the person your insurance company wants you to see. Skip a mocha late and buy organic food. Put your health first and you will have much more quality time in this life.

A clean, healthy mouth gives you good breath, a better smile, and most importantly, a healthy body.

Smile, It’s Natural,

Dr. Chris

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