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Successful Dental Assisting

A Dentist is only as good as his staff, and that is the truth! My staff makes my career not only possible but enjoyable. Having the right people to surround yourself with is the key to success and happiness.

LaceyThat being said, finding the right people to work with is not quite as easy anymore…it seems that our generation is…different… and I have to dig pretty deep to find that diamond in the rough.

A great Dental Assistant is an extension of your right hand. All Dentists not only want such an assistant but NEED such an assistant!

So, if you are a Dental Assistant looking for a job, how do you find one? More importantly, are you ready to be that diamond in the rough or are you already in your prime? Regardless, if you do not know what it takes to work with a TOP Dental practice then you will never get that interview…you will never get the chance to shine like you can.

I have trained many Dental Assistants in my career and there are a few CRITICAL components to success that most people no longer are aware of. So, to help Dental Assistants find that perfect job I created a short but sweet SUCCESS MANUAL for Dental Assistants to help them get that job they are looking for and flourish.

If you are a Dental Assistant that wants to know what a Dentist really is looking for, check it out!


Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris


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2 thoughts on “Successful Dental Assisting

  1. John

    Good dental assistants are hard to find! Thanks for posting this manual.

  2. Dr. Chris

    Your welcome!

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