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Second Chance Dentistry – Get Quality Dentistry At A Discount!

Not happy with the cosmetic dentistry you received?

Just got a new crown and it looks like a marshmallow?

Black lines around your crowns?

New veneers that look like they were for Mr. Ed?

What should a good crown look and fit like? – Read this post as well! (one of my most popular posts)


Daily I receive emails, blog comments, and office visits from people that are very unhappy with the dentistry they received, and often rightfully so. The problem is that they just paid a lot of money for something they really don’t want to live with but often have to. For the month of August I decided I want to change this!

What if Ideal Dentistry gave you credit for 50% of what you paid for the cosmetic dentistry you don’t like towards re-doing it right with us? That would be an incredible deal – and it is!

Yes, you heard me right. 50% credit! So, regardless if you had 1 crown of 10 veneers, we will fix it and make sure you love your smile, AND give you credit back for what you paid before.

Why am I doing this? Let me tell you a short story:

Yesterday a nice lady walked in with pain in her jaw. She was ready to pull all her teeth from the pain. This pain is recent – it began right around the time she had a local crown placed. The dentist took “forever” to try to wedge the poor fitting thing on the tooth – not to mention the color was anything but a match. She had been back to the dentist to check the tooth and identify the pain, but everything was “ok”, she would simply have to “wait for it to get better”. MANY patients are told it is normal for teeth to be very sensitive for a while and that you need to “get used to” your new crown. In reality, a new crown should feel normal and pain free almost immediately!

I looked at all the dentistry this lady had in her mouth and all her crowns (including the 6 on her front teeth were acting as thorns to her system, meaning, they were such a poor fit that her tissue was purple with anger, bleeding and infected. This,  in my opinion, does not follow the “do no harm” doctrine and is slowly killing the patient! Infected gums due to poor fitting crowns are a portal of entry for bacteria that have been linked to just about every nasty disease and ailment we can have, including a slew of autoimmune diseases! And yes, these people suffer from poor health that I feel is closely linked to their mouth. Their immune system is over worked trying to get rid of the infections around the bad fitting dentistry, but it can’t! So the immune system slowly fails and every opportunistic disease, including cancer, flourish. What a sad situation to be in…

So, I decided to try to make it possible for these people to fix their health and redo poor dentistry for other dentists!

The lady from yesterday already told me her jaw feels better! The other dentist could not “find” the problem…very sad.

So, we will see if this promotion will help make it possible for some of you with similar problems to get “fixed”. It is the right thing to do.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris


PS: This offer is only good for August 2012


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2 thoughts on “Second Chance Dentistry – Get Quality Dentistry At A Discount!

  1. S. Crisp

    Would like to know if you make dentures and range of cost for full set.

  2. hahndds

    Dear Mr./Mrs. Crisp,

    We do make dentures, and we really focus on making them look great.

    Here is a blog post specifically on this subject:

    Cost varies, so give us a call at 502-228-4585 to discuss.

    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  3. Jonus

    When other Dentists do poor work, crowns not sealed, very thin and terrible color do you document that in order for the patient to go back to the Dentist that caused additional problems? If a person has a traumatic injury and the dentist only fixes the broken teeth and does not evaluate the other teeth that do not have a visible problem, i.e. crack, chipped, etc. but have been injured are you able to see that before the tooth dies or chips?

  4. hahndds

    Hello Jonus,

    I document everything I see. Since I do not know the exact “history” of the patient I reserve judgement when it comes to the dentist, but I do note what I see. It is not my job to be a “judge”, we have specific systems for that. If it truly is bad dentistry I suggest the patient approach the dentist and discuss the problem, or seek peer review through the dental board.
    I hope this helps.
    Keep smiling,
    Dr. Chris

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