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Problem Solving Dentist

So what does your dentist do when he is not working on teeth? Well, in the case of Ideal Dentistry it is inventing solutions – problem solving – for all industries!

Frogglez Goggles

I have spent my entire life looking at aspects of my daily routine and improved them. That is why I have created the Dental Peace Program – rather than see the dentist with new problems every year, slowly getting worse every year, I found a solution that actually solves the problem of continuous dental breakdown. This dental peace program was created out of my necessity to not just be a dental mechanic, but actually help people.

So, this brings me to my hobby, inventing new products. Tomorrow I am attending a product launch competition that I am a top 10 contender in. I was selected out of over 145 submission on – you can read the story here: Daily Grommet Product Launch Competition. #grommetpitch You can view the contest online through facebook – simply “like” the Daily Grommet facebook page and watch the action.

My product, Frogglez Goggles – –  is a simple product that solves a problem I have had in my life – Frogglez are comfortable swim goggles for kids 🙂 Who would have guessed that there would be so much interest over this product:

Frogglez Goggles in Business First

Frogglez Goggles in eWallstreeter

Frogglez Goggles in NewsBlaze

and on and on….

So, why am I posting this? I want you to know that my passion lies in solving problems, and in the case of dentistry this results in you needing less dentistry for the future! When a patient sees me with a toothache I don’t simply fix the problem, I need to find out why it happened in the first place and SOLVE the problem so this does not happen again. That is a big difference…

I also help other dental companies review new products and create products for their specific fields.

On that note, I wish you all a great week!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris



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2 thoughts on “Problem Solving Dentist

  1. jeffrey praeger

    thank you Dr. for caring about the dental problems that hold many of us hostages. like the young Lady who wrote the longgggg email. I feel terible for her because I have been fighting gum desease since I was 13 . now 60. I have diabetes and would like to have my teeth that are left pulled out. I also wonder how real they look. I know that things have come a long way, thanks for giving us this forum to seek help and comfort.

  2. hahndds

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Your welcome! It is funny you mention this as I actually received a letter from a dentist kinda complaining about me speaking my truth about quality dentistry…I did not post his comment as I avoid negative people like the plague 🙂
    I speak from the heart, tell it as it is, like it or not. I work for you, the patient, not the insurance company or the might dollar (or not so mighty right now).
    Anyhow, I regress…There certainly are quality dentures out there, but there is more to a denture than esthetics…it needs to fit good and allow you to eat. Unless you have infections which would be bad for diabetes I would have a serious conversation with a good dentist. That should be cheap and super important. You are welcome to ask me specifics if you want.

    Keep smiling,
    Dr. Chris

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