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Porcelain Veneers Without Cutting Teeth!

Porcelain veneers, the best way to get the smile of your dreams, now available without sacrificing tooth structure!

Here is a recent smile I had the privilege of creating. This young lady has everything going for herself and now she has a smile that compliments her outgoing persona.

The beauty of such a veneer case is that her own tooth structure is still below these permanent porcelain veneers.  We straightened her teeth with Invisalign so that we would not have to cut the tooth structure and then placed porcelain veneers that match her eyes!  Yes, her eyes.  Your smile is part of your whole face, and the color of your eyes need to match your teeth.

A smile makeover included more than just “teeth”.  You need to look at the whole face, the lips, the eyes, the profile.

Keep smiling!


PS: Here is the BEFORE picture!


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3 thoughts on “Porcelain Veneers Without Cutting Teeth!

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  2. hahndds

    Good to hear that another cosmetic dentist approves. Thank you.

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