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Pay It Forward Smiles

Pay It Forward SmilesWe all have gifts and talents. At Ideal Dentistry we have elected to “pay it forward” by helping those in our community that could use a “lift me up”.  If you have received a “pay it forward smiles” card from one of our staff members, please call us at 502-228-4585 to schedule your complimentary smile enhancement. There is absolutely zero cost or obligation to you except that we ask you “pass it forward” somehow, sometime. Thank you.

Dr. Chris and the staff at Ideal Dentistry

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7 thoughts on “Pay It Forward Smiles

  1. Scott S

    That’s a really nice gesture. When people feel bad about their teeth and its effect on their appearance, it can take a substantial toll on their self-esteem and quality of life. Unfortunately, cost is what prevents many (including myself) from being able to overcome these obstacles. i like your focus on helping people and also your focus on preventative dentistry.. I wish I had that preventative focus when I was younger.. I sincerely regret not taking better care of my teeth. I hope some day to be able to get my dental (and jaw) problems fixed though.. there are so many things in my life I want to do and I would love to do more to help others as well.. it’s definitely a challenge when you live day to day feeling down about these things.

  2. hahndds

    Thank you Scott. I feel that we all have certain things we can do for others. Meaning, I give away dentistry all the time to people who need a break. Then, occasionally someone, a stranger, will pay for my coffee at starbucks or something like that. It all counts and makes us feel better 🙂

    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  3. Kim

    Would love to receive a. Pay it forward card! It’s hard to smile when your teeth are in horrible shape at 32 years old & procedures are not affordable. Love that you guys are so caring

  4. hahndds

    Pay it forward smiles is spontaneous and in person…who knows, maybe you will get one 🙂

  5. Jane Morgan

    I have had considerable cosmetic surgery in the last 30 years due to having very bad tetracycline staining on my teeth. I have ten of my upper teeth crowned and veneers on ten bottom teeth. When I had my veneers replaced on my lower teeth, within a week of having the veneers put on the gum on one of my teeth receded quite significantly. I have never had it replaced on the recommendation of my dentist. As you can imagine I am very conscious of my teeth because of my experiences and I am about to have two cracked veneers replaced and questioned whether or not I should have this one replaced too. My dentist is very good. I am very pleased with the majority of the work she has carried out.

  6. hahndds

    Dear Jane,

    I am glad to hear you are happy with your dentist! Now, receeding gums can happen for soooo many reasons…but none really require a new crown.
    Make sure the bite (how the tooth come together) is correct and other than that, it is not going to change much. You could replace the tissue with a graft, but that is it.
    I highly recommend a nightguard to manage the forces on your teeth as well 🙂

    Keep smiling,
    Dr. Chris

  7. Scott Shrout

    Dr. Hahn,
    Thanks for the response above. I was curious.. is this something provided to patients you see in the office or where are these given out? I agree that we all have gift and talents that can be useful. It would interesting if bartering was more commonly used, but I don’t think it’s what you are referring to here. I think it’s a great concept ; giving back to others is a great thing. I think for me personally I just feel like bad decisions made when I was younger in regards to my oral health has left me with problems that have ‘plagued’ me since I was a teen and now unfortunately have a lot of jaw pain/TMJ symptoms due to my bite not being corrected; I don’t feel like anyone should have to go through life like that (and I don’t just say that because it’s me; I wouldn’t want anyone to). With all that said, I don’t expect free dental work (I’ve spent a lot on it) nor would I think anyone else should (the idea that anyone “deserves” it is highly debatable), but I like that you are doing it. Fixing complex dental problems is a very expensive thing (though I do recognize the talent, skill, and time it requires and you obviously can’t just give away ‘dentistry’ to everyone or you wouldn’t be in business). I just hope some day it can help me as i would and do like helping others as well; it’s a rewarding feeling.

    Wishing you Happy Holidays!

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