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Our Goal: Your Dental Peace

I am a problem solver by nature. Those of you who know me probably are aware of the fact that I invent solutions and products daily. I can’t help it, it is in my blood. Everything from swim goggles for kids that are comfortable (FrogglezGoggles) to paper towel dispensers that don’t require you to touch and contaminate the paper towel. I love solving problem.

As a dentist I see problems on a daily basis. At first I focused on solving tooth problems, like most dentists. What is the best filling for the tooth? How do I design the best crown? What is the best material to use? On and on like that. But, for the lack of a better analogy, I was missing the forest for the trees (I actually now understand this saying…took a while). I have solved most of the “tooth centered” problems, being able to deliver consistently excellent fitting and looking restorations, but, how was that solving “your” problem? It was really like working behind the eight ball.

So, over the last few months I put together all the knowledge I have acquired as a problem solving dentist and came up with THE DENTAL PEACE PROGRAM. The real goal as a dentist should be to keep our patients from pain and suffering. It is really that simple. It solves a huge problem for my patients, the number one reason patients see me – prevention of pain. I am pretty amazed on how this came together. Only after trying to teach this system to my associates did I realize that it is not common sense. To execute this program correctly you really need to understand all facets of dentistry and be a true problem solving dentist. This is my goal for both of my practices! To give my patients peace from dentistry!

It took literally years for me to develop this program that not only fixes teeth, but fixes the root cause of the problems, and as it goes with anything in life, it had to be “dummied down” to make it feasible. Here is a synopsis of what the program:

Satisfy these 5 aspects of your oral health and you are safe:

  2. DECAY

Read the above referenced Dental Peace Program link to get the details.

Finally I truly feel I am able to help patients…I have a roadmap to dental health. If a patient wants a dentist/dental practice that actually tries to solve their problems and give them peace from the continuous need of dentistry in the future, then IDEAL DENTISTRY and our DENTAL PEACE PROGRAM is for them. What a blessing to be able to not only fix a tooth, but to be able to fix a patient entire mouth!

I invite all of you to read up on the Dental Peace Program and visit one of our offices to experience the difference.

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris

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