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Natural Dentistry

Holistic dentistry

Dr. Christian W. Hahn was a featured speaker at last weeks convention for Naturopathic Physicians.

Naturopathy, as well as living an organic lifestyle, is at the heart of Dr. Hahn’s philosophy.

This lecture was designed to help physicians and patients understand what decay really is, how the acid/base balance of the mouth directly affects teeth, why it is important to discover the reason behind the problems rather than just treating it, and how to prevent future dental emergencies.

Every patient at Ideal Dentistry goes through a very thorough exam including x-rays, digital photography, TMJ analysis, function analysis, hygiene analysis, oral cancer screening and teeth analysis.

Dr. Christian W. Hahn has been invited to speak at another Naturopathic Convention in April based on the feedback he received.

If you are interested in learning how to get out of the dental cycle (constant dentistry for the rest of your life), visit Ideal Dentistry today!

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