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Is This Acceptable To You?

Yesterday I saw a new patient that had seen his old dentist regularly for years.

At his last visit his old dentist placed a small “filling”. Everything else apparently was fine!

Do YOU see any possible other dental problems?



So, to make a long and unfortunately too common story short, this patient has extensive decay and very poor dentistry. His oral hygiene is very good and with a little Ideal Dentistry this patient will have a great smile.  Thank goodness his true dental problems were discovered before it was too late!  It is very regretful that his old dentist practiced supervised neglect

What do YOU expect from your dentist?  Do you want the truth?  OR, do you want a false sense of security that everything is ok?  I firmly believe that it is YOUR decision what to do about “your” dental problems.  Once I have informed you of everything that is going on, YOU can make the decision that is best for you.  I will never be afraid to tell you the “truth” and give you a way to get back to good dental health.

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One thought on “Is This Acceptable To You?

  1. Jessica

    wow i tought i had seen a bad smile before but omg i feel so srry for him!!! 🙁

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