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Ideal Dentistry Website Update

Ideal Dentistry homepage

Ideal Dentistry has redone their website and we need your help and feedback to complete the project.

Much of the content is still being added – photos, smiles, etc., but your critical evaluation is greatly appreciated.

Want a facebook button on the homepage?

Something not working right?

Thank you in advance for helping us create the ideal website for you!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

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2 thoughts on “Ideal Dentistry Website Update

  1. Carol Greenwood

    I recently saw a prosthodontist to remove the old crowns I spoke to you about several months ago. In fact, six anterior were removed to “get a better result.” I was pleased to learn that my natural teeth were structurally sound, albeit pretty much tapered. He told me he wanted me to stay in temporaries (so he sent the temporaries to his lab to be made. A lab, which he said he hadn’t worked with before which concerned me somewhat. ), an extended time to allow the pipilla to grow back (this was one of my concerns). Well, it has been a month and I was to see him today to check see if the temps could come off. Yesterday, I received a call from the doctor himself and he said he was going to pack up any notes, etc. and UPS them to me – that he didn’t feel he had the expertise to handle this. I was charged $1500 just for the temps (which look just horrible), and a total of $14,000 for the complete job. They had me pay half upfront. The doctor told me he would return a “sizable” portion of my money but what recourse do I have if he keeps more than what I deem appropriate? These are the functions he performed: He took pictures, removed old crowns, built-up one tooth (this took,seriously, 3 minutes), DID NOT take any molds or X-rays as I brought these from another consult I’d recently had.

    Also, did you one time say that Dr. Mark Sayeg, in Atlanta, was a good cosmetic dentist? I must find someone to see immediately.

  2. Dr. Chris

    Hello Carol,

    I would simply ask for all of it back as you now are obligated to move ahead with someone that most likely will charge more….
    Most dentists would simply want to get away from the situation 🙂

    Mark is a good friend of mine! He is one of the most honest, caring people I know… He certainly would be able to tell you if you are a case he feels comfortable handling.

    Keep Smiling,

    Dr. Chris

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