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Ideal Dentistry – The Groupon Experience


Every business has been struck with the Groupon bug, even dentistry. Ideal Dentistry was one of the first dental businesses in Louisville to offer a Groupon. With such group buying services as Groupon the way consumers shop has forever changed. The key for Groupon providers such as Ideal Dentistry is to offer this great service without compromise.

Let me explain.

Ideal Dentistry is not the average dental practice. We focus on one person at a time. Everybody gets a unique experience that is designed to exceed their expectations.  You are our sole focus. For this reason we see fewer patients at a time (I can only be in one place at a time!), spend more time per patient, and do not rush our patients. Our Groupon offer was extremely successful and we had to make sure we treated each Groupon patient with the same VIP treatment all our patients receive.

Many of our new Groupon patients became part of our permanent Ideal Dentistry family and were surprised by the thoroughness of our exam and consultation.

So if you see a Groupon offer you know it is a good deal and that the business offering that special will need to plan ahead for the most likely overwhelming response. It is merely a way for people to experience the difference the Groupon company is offering. Nobody makes any money on a Groupon, it is considered a marketing expense. If you walk to the talk then most patients will be pleasantly surprised and stay with you. Dentistry is not just about fillings, it is about relationships. We care about you, not just your tooth or what type of insurance you may or may not have.

Ideal Dentistry will offer more Groupon specials over the next few months since we enjoyed meeting so many new patients. I encourage you all to get this incredible special whenever you see it, as it is the best way to get your foot into a world class dental practice.

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