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Ideal Dentistry Teams Up With Gold Dust Dental

Gold dust dental

Ideal Dentistry, the premier dental practice in Louisville that provides exceptional dentistry for both adults and children, has joined the invitation only dental lab – Gold Dust Dental. Together Ideal Dentistry and Gold Dust Dental are able to provide not only the most esthetic and beautiful smiles but also work closely with each patient and customize every restoration.

Ideal Dentistry, lead by Dr. Christian W. Hahn (a AACD accredited cosmetic dentist) has been the industry leader in Louisville for several years now and has redefined the standard of care by putting the patient and quality first.

“I believe there is a better way to practice dentistry…patients should not have to see their dentist every year only to watch their dental health deteriorate!” says Dr. Hahn.

The partnership between Ideal Dentistry and Gold Dust Dental will allow Dr. Hahn to deliver the consistent premium quality he demands.

People just want good fitting dentistry that lasts. It really is that simple. Too many people contact me via my blog or come to my office with problems they should never have in the first place! The dental profession needs to focus more on the patient and upgrade their game – it really is not acceptable that so many patients have problems that can be traced right back to the fillings and restorations that were placed by our profession.” says Dr. Hahn.

Dr. Hahn values his relationship with his patients, “I put my patients and their health first. Every patient receives the same quality care that I provide for my own family, without compromise. My work is my signature – if something does not turn out quite right or breaks, I stand behind it 100% and my patients know that.”

When asked why he spends so much time selecting the dental laboratory that he works with, Dr. Hahn says “Dentistry is not just a service business – we deliver a product that our dental laboratory makes. If our lab is not top notch then there is no way that we can deliver a quality product. Good labs cost a lot of money – you truly get what you pay for in dentistry. Good labs also only work with good dentists, which is why Gold Dust Dental only works with a handful of dentists that are invited to join the lab through internal referral. My blog is inundated with patients have problems with the restorations that were made, and the simple truth is that many of these restorations are made in China and shipped back here at minimal cost to the dentist…what kind of quality do you think they will deliver? Your mouth is not a testing ground!”

Ideal Dentistry and Gold Dust Dental give patients a choice, an option, to have beautiful, world class dentistry that will not only last but also is placed by a meticulous German dentist that stands behind his work 100%.

To learn more about Ideal Dentistry and Gold Dust Dental please visit and

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2 thoughts on “Ideal Dentistry Teams Up With Gold Dust Dental

  1. Stephanie Mischo

    I am so disappointed I with the results of my crowns. I got them because my veneers kept popping off after costly repairs then replacements. I was happy eithe results of my veneers, but not these crowns. I don’t like the color and one sideb is different than the other.

    I live on Long Island (NY). Can you recommend a good cosmetic dentist and if anything could be done?

  2. Dr. Chris

    Thank you Stephanie for your question. Please visit my new podcast on Drill The Dentist to see your answer! I am trying to answer most if not all questions once a week. I hope I will be able to help you.

    Keep Smiling,

    Dr. Chris

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