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Dental Hygienist: “The science and practice of the recognition, treatment and prevention of oral disease.” – definition

NOT – just clean teeth!


Dental Hygienists are a critical component to your lasting dental health. Nothing I (as the dentist) do will last or can even be started unless the dental hygienist is able to do her/his job. Too often people think of dental hygienists as more of a “car wash”, or a “good cleaning”. Yes, cleaning the teeth is part of the job description, but in all reality dental hygienists do not go to school to solely  clean teeth, but rather manage your oral health. The responsibilities of a hygienist include treatment of diseased tissue, infections, oral cancer screenings, etc.

A thorough dental hygiene exam prior to any dental treatment is not only important, it is legally required. Gum disease is an infectious disease that is rampant in the USA and the #1 reason for tooth loss! Only a dental hygienist can treat this condition properly. At Ideal Dentistry I rely on my highly trained dental hygienists to not only clean the teeth perfectly, but even more importantly give me an evaluation of oral health, which includes a treatment plan to eliminate disease.

Think of your mouth as a piece of land on which you want to build a beautiful home. Unless a proper foundation is created nothing will be able to be built. You cannot build a home on swampland! Too many patients upgrade to Ideal Dentistry from insurance driven dental practices only to find out that their diligent 6 month dental visits have not resulted in any resolution of dental disease, but rather have been what I call “supervised neglect”. The insurance company told the dentist they would pay for no more than 2 cleanings per year (every 6 months), so how often did the patient get cleaned regardless of a actual need? You guessed it, every 6 months. At this bi-annual cleaning the hygienist spent less than 30 minutes actually cleaning the teeth. The rest of the time was spent figuring out which cavity will be treated next. So it is always quite a surprise when the patient finds out that they have active gum disease (periodontal disease) and no dentistry should be performed until this dangerous condition is controlled.

The Ideal Dental Hygienist formulates a treatment plan that benefits the patient regardless of what their insurance dictates. Maybe it is one cleaning every 6 months, and maybe it is every 3 months. Our SOLE responsibility is to look out for YOUR health. Once your treatment plan has been presented to you and all your questions have been answered, then you can decide what approach to take. It is your mouth after all.

Our hygienists (Tam and Donna above) will spend an entire hour with you, cleaning your teeth and treating any oral disease that may be present. We recommend specific products that are more natural, and will do whatever it takes to get your gums healthy. Only after your gum disease is controlled will be begin any major dental treatment. It is just the right way to do it!


The Ideal Dentistry VIP Rewards Program is closely linked to our dental hygiene department. Nothing we do in dentistry will last if it is not properly cared for by you and your dental hygienist. For this reason a proper dental hygiene program is pivotal in joining the VIP Rewards Program. Guaranteeing our dentistry for life only makes sense if we believe that we are able to prevent any further breakdown of your mouth. Thanks to our incredible dental hygienists I am very confident in our ability to just that.

A great thank you to our wonderful hygienists for putting their (our) patients first, above all, and helping them live a healthier, more enjoyable life!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris



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