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Ideal 3 Day Smile Makeover Package


You want a beautiful smile but don’t want to wait 3 weeks, nor do you want to walk around in temporaries that may break at any moment. What are your options?

Ideal Dentistry offers a 3 Day Smile Makeover that delivers your final smile in just 3 days!

The 3 Day Smile Makeover Package includes:

  • Complimentary Round-trip Flight to Louisville
  • Complimentary Accommodations (at one of Louisville’s premier hotels)
  • Complimentary Transportation (to all visits, the hotel and the airport)

The 3 Day Smile Makeover Package will deliver between 10 and 20 premium porcelain restorations within 3 days! Here is what is included in your new smile:

  • Diagnostic Wax Models
  • Smile Design Consultation
  • Custom Provisional Restorations
  • 10 Top Porcelain Restorations (Veneers, Crowns, Onlays)
  • 10 Lower Porcelain Restorations (Veneers, Crowns, Onlays)
  • Protective Nightguard Appliance
  • Dental Hygiene Cleaning
  • Recommended Products for Proper Oral Hygiene


Dr. Christian W. Hahn is one of about 300 Accredited (AACD) Cosmetic Dentists in the world. He was trained at USC in Los Angeles and has been featured on The Learning Channel (TLC) performing a smile makeover, published internationally on the subject of cosmetic dentistry, and is known for delivering world class cosmetic dentistry. Every smile he delivers is unique – one of a kind.  Dr. Hahn has relocated his successful practice from Orange County, California to Louisville Kentucky to be closer to family.


The cost of this 3 Day Smile Makeover Package depends on which program you select – 10 or 20 teeth. Compared to equal quality found in isolated areas around the United States, Dr. Hahn’s fees are a bargain. Here in Louisville the cost is 25-50% LESS than in New York City! There is no compromise in quality, period.

Space is limited, so if you are interested please contact Lori at 502-228-4585at your earliest convenience. Restrictions (such as a healthy, gum disease free mouth) do exist.



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15 thoughts on “Ideal 3 Day Smile Makeover Package

  1. Katie scott

    Can u give me a quote for 21 teeth. No hotel or air

  2. hahndds

    Dear Katie,

    For me to give you a quote I would need to know a lot more about what you need… Please give us a call at 502-228-4585 and share some details please so I may help you.

    Keep smiling,
    Dr. Chris

  3. charlie murphy

    I need a quote for 28 teeth.

  4. hahndds

    Dear Charlie,

    I would love to help you, but one of the things that makes Ideal Dentistry “different” is that we focus on fixing your teeth “right” the first time. This means every case is unique and not “cookie cutter”. Prices vary dramatically for every person so I would suggest if you are serious about getting a great smile call my office at 502-228-4585 and ask Lori for a “Quick Look” appointment. This visit is $50 and will allow me to get the necessary information to give you an pretty accurate idea about cost, time and expected results.

    I hope this helps.
    Keep smiling,
    Dr. Chris

  5. Charlene

    How much does it cost?

  6. hahndds

    Sorry Charlene, how much does “what” cost??

  7. gabrielle jones

    Hello, I need a quote. I need a wisdom tooth extraction (all 4) and 10 teeth

  8. hahndds

    Hello Gabrielle,

    We would love to help you. There are many different types of extractions and it would be impossible to quote this over the phone. I welcome you to stop by my office and I will take a quick look at your unique situation, then I can give you an accurate quote.
    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  9. Stacy

    Need something like this locally. Have 20 that needs worked on. Probably 2 implants and god only knows what else. They seem to be falling apart. Was sick with a “chronic appendicitis” from August 2011 to April 2013. Needless to say, eating habits and appetite have suffered. Pain comes and goes.

  10. hahndds

    Hello Stacy,

    Hope you feel better…have you looked into a good naturopath for nutrition and digestion help? I would recommend that first!
    All the best…
    Dr. Chris

  11. Stacy

    Thanks for your reply, Dr. Chris. My digestion is not the issue. The issue is because of said illness, been trying desperately to get my life together. My body is currently trying to find a new “normal” as far as what my body went through for the past 2 years. I need some dental help. Major dental help, I’m afraid. The condition of my teeth not only effects my self confidence but my health, eating habits because of pain. Don’t know what to do. Worried. Checked around locally, doesn’t appear hopeful. This is what brought me to your door ……..

  12. hahndds

    Stacy, I am glad to hear you are working on getting your life together again. I am sure you will find someone in your area that will work with you…there are lots of nice dentists!

    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  13. Chelbie

    Is financing available?

  14. hahndds

    Dear Chelbie,

    Yes, financing in various forms is available.

    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  15. Chelbie

    Is space still available?

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