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How To Make Poor Dentistry Fit Into Your Mouth…

You saved a lot of money by going to the least expensive dentist in town. You shopped around…you got the best deal ever…or so you think.

Dentistry is dentistry, right?


The quality level in dentistry fluctuates widely and is to some extend directly related to cost.

So what happens when the crown/cap that you just got a deal on takes 30 minutes of adjusting to seat?

Well, here is an example of exactly what happens….(Note, these patients came to see us after they just had the dentistry delivered…this is not tooth wear!)

Looking at the above photo you can see how the dentist had to cut away all the porcelain just to make this restoration fit! In one area the cut goes all the way through the crown and exposes the mercury filling below (which in my opinion should have been removed in the first place as well).

Even just exposing the abrasive opaque layer, as was done on two teeth above, is dangerous. This opaque material cuts away at the opposing tooth structure like sandpaper!

How good do you think the rest of those porcelain crowns fit?

But it was cheaper!

Dentistry is more and more complex these days. Selecting a dentist that is able to use the best materials and labs available only is to YOUR advantage

Do it right the first time! This saves you time, money and discomfort.

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris


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