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FREE Whitening for Life!

     I know it sounds too good to be true, but it is!  Let me give you some background on the program and then the details of how it works.  You will never have to pay for professional teeth whitening again.

     Our office was looking for a way to help as many people as possible have a beautiful, white, smile.  Professional teeth whitening, when done correctly, can deliver dramatic results quickly.  As with anything in life, not everyone should whiten their teeth, and if it is not done correctly the results can be poor.  Ideal Dentistry has their own system of custom tray fabrication that increases the safety and effectiveness of whitening!


         So here are the details of the program. In order to qualify, we will require a couple of things from our patients and we’ll get to those in a second.

What You Get:

1. You get custom-fitted whitening trays for your teeth with a full whitening kit.

2. At every 6 month cleaning and check-up, you will receive a refill of the whitening solution FREE!

3. $200 off Zoom! in-office laser whitening

     Now that we’ve talked about all that you get, you are probably wondering, “What’s the Catch?“.  Really there isn’t much of a “catch”. Mostly our requirements are the things you should normally be doing to have and maintain a healthy mouth. Whitening is an amazing process but we can’t allow our patients to whiten before we help them have healthy teeth. What good would it be to whiten decayed teeth or teeth that are going to fall out?

What We Require:


1. A one-time set up fee of $99 (to cover the cost of materials)

2. Become a patient of the practice by coming in for a cleaning, exam and x-rays.

3. You come in every 6 months (or as recommended by the hygienist) for recommended cleanings so we can keep your teeth healthy.

4. You come in for treatment on any decayed or broken teeth.


    I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind, “What’s in it for them? How do they make any money on this?” In all honesty, we make no money on this program at all. In fact, on the program itself I probably lose a little. But that isn’t why we have the program.

     Here is the logic behind the program and why it is a win-win situation for both you and our office. We hope that by offering the Free Whitening for Life program:

1. We will attract new patients to our office who are excited about bright, beautiful smiles like we are.

2. Those patients will feel at home at our office and become regular patients with us.

3. Once patients meet our friendly staff, they will want to refer their friends and family to us for dental work.

4. As a result of whitening, those patients who want to enhance their smile further will look at our other cosmetic services.

5. To remain in the program, our patients will continue to take care of their teeth and come in for regularly scheduled cleanings and exams to make sure we can keep their teeth healthy for a lifetime.

Like I said before, it really is  a win-win program. You get the perfect, dazzling smile and we get great patients to come and join our practice family.

If you are a new or existing patient, please call the office to talk with us about enrolling in the program!


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