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Free Teeth Whitening! Have a WHITE Christmas

Ideal Dentistry of Louisville KY is having a FREE TEETH WHITENING promotion!

Yes, I said free, completely FREE.

One day this month we will ask anyone interested in getting their teeth whitened to line up outside our office. For 3 hours Ideal Dentistry will take impressions to create professional whitening trays that will maximize the effectiveness of our top of the line whitening product!

There is not cost to you, anyone from Louisville can line up to get their teeth whitened.

Here are the stipulations that we must legally follow:

  • To whiten teeth you must have a quick exam from a dentist to verify that no decay, gum disease or other contraindication to teeth whitening exist.
  • If you have a contraindication then you have the option of taking care of this through Ideal Dentistry. Once the contraindication is taken care of you will still receive your free whitening! Only the teeth whitening is free.
  • Free Whitening only available to the person in line – no vouchers etc.
  • We can only work on so many people…if we don’t get to you due to the number of people in line, then we are sorry, but there is a limited number of spots available.

Stay tuned for more information!

Keep Smiling,

Dr. Chris


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  1. William Bryant

    Hello I am interested in your services please feel free to contact me at anytime+

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