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Free Nitrous and Half Price White Fillings!

Did you know that not even dentists like to go to the dentist?

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Dental pain is awful, keeps getting worse and is hard to manage. When your tooth hurts you can’t do much of anything else!

So at Ideal Dentistry in Dupont Circle we are trying something different to help you! We are big believers in Laughing Gas (nitrous) because it really makes you comfortable in the dental chair.

From today till the end of February we will offer FREE NITROUS with every dental visit (treatment) to all new patients! Yes, free laughing gas to make you relax and have a stress free dental experience.

Secondly, we know that most of our patients want to replace the old ugly silver mercury fillings (amalgams) with beautiful white fillings, but, the cost can be an issue. So, for the next 4 weeks we are offering a promotion that has never before been offered…

For every silver mercury filling (amalgam) you elect to replace we will replace a second one FOR FREE! (equal or lesser size). If you only have one amalgam then we will give you 50% of your money back!

This is a limited time offer and we hope you take advantage of it.

CALL 502-893-5225 today!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Chris

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