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Free Dental Sealants for Kids during National Children€™s Dental Health Month At Ideal Dentistry – Louisville



Ideal Dentistry in Prospect/Louisville wants to help ensure a cavity-free future for your children and is offering FREE SEALANTS in February and March to children between the ages of 3 and 13 who are enrolled in Ideal Dentistry€™s Ideal Smile Care Program.


Sealants Protect the Teeth Most Prone to Decay

€œCorrectly placed sealants have reduced the incidence of decay significantly,€ says Dr. Hahn, €œThe first thing I did for my 3 children is place sealants in every groove of their teeth.€

Sealants are most commonly used on teeth with deep and narrow groves because such teeth are the most difficult to keep clean and therefore the most prone to decay.

Essentially, dental sealants are a thin layer of plastic resin that is applied to the grooves of teeth where decay usually begins. The sealant is then immediately hardened with a special LED light.


Sealing Your Child€™s Teeth Will Cause No Discomfort

Dr. Hahn explains, €œThere is no discomfort associated with placing sealants, and your child won€™t even know they are there.€


Ideal Dentistry Uses Only BPA-Free Dental Sealants

As part of its commitment to safe, natural dentistry, Ideal Dentistry uses only BPA-free sealants because of the possible health risks of BPA to infants and children.


Ideal Smile Care for Your Child

The Ideal Smile Care Program is a membership program designed to allow you and your family access to premium quality dentistry at affordable rates. The low cost of the program is usually recouped within the first visit or two.

To learn more about the Ideal Smile Care program or book an appointment with Dr. Chris for your child or teen, contact Ideal Dentistry at 502.228.4585.

View our press release here: FREE SEALANTS

Smile, It’s Natural!

Dr. Chris

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