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FREE Dental Cleanings For Kids!

Yes, it’s true!

Join the Ideal Smile Care Plan today and for the next 2 years your children between the age of 3 and 13 receive complimentary dental cleanings.

You will save a lot of money, but just as importantly, you will receive the best dental are available anywhere with a gentle touch.

We love kids! Our philosophy is simple. Deliver a superior dental experience and make sure kids love to see the dentist. We never push kids to do things they do not like!

Ideal Dentistry offers a fully array of dental services for adults and children of all ages.

Check out or patient reviews here to see why our patients love us!

This great offer will not be available forever, so act now!


Smile, It’s Natural,

Dr. Chris




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2 thoughts on “FREE Dental Cleanings For Kids!

  1. Jean Woods

    Hello Dr. Hahn, I have been in private practice for 22 years and have always quietly practiced natural/organic dentistry. I am now renovating and updating my office and wanted to market my practice as an organic dental office. Do you have any advice on how best to achieve this? Are there any accredited seminars on natural dentistry? I love your approach to dentistry and your blog is awesome. Hope to here back from you

  2. Dr. Chris

    Hello Jean!

    That is great, congrats on the upcoming remodel 🙂 I personally used my own philosophies to develop the approach I use…it is a mish mash between all different types of beliefs. I tell patients I take both from the scientific and the holistic side and created Ideal Dentistry…I think you are doing the same!
    That being said, I am not aware of any specific group that satisfies all of this and would be considered “Organic”. Simply practicing minimally invasive dentistry, using healthy materials and focusing on the cause of the problems is key. I can send you my worksheet I use to work up patients and help them prevent future dental needs if you like.

    Keep up delivering quality organic dentistry!

    Dr. Chris

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