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Ideal Dentistry is DOUBLING your insurance benefits for the month of February!

Yes, double. How can we do this? Simple, we are not owned by the insurance companies (we are out of network so we can provide premium quality care, not insurance care).

No other dental practice has ever offered this type of deal.


Get world class cosmetic and general dentistry and save more money for the fun stuff in life. What a great deal.

Last year DOUBLE INSURANCE MONTH was a hit and all available appointment were booked out almost immediately.

So don’t wait, call Lori at 502-228-4585 today for details.

Keep Smiling,


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2 thoughts on “February is DOUBLE INSURANCE MONTH!

  1. Leon G. Nadeau Jr.

    I have been looking for a good Dentistry in my location of up State New York
    I live in the 12065 area of Clifton Park. I have medicare Ins. but do not know
    ware to go to get a good natural looking pare of teeth just upper’s. I have had all of my upper teeth pulled a few Mo. ago can you please help me I need them soon as I can get them. Thank You For Any Help You Can Give Me.

  2. hahndds

    Dear Leon,

    I suggest you go to and click “find a dentist”. You will get a list of “accredited” dentists on top of the list. Pick one of them 🙂

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