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Yes, you are reading this right. For the first time ever I am DOUBLING your insurance benefits towards restorative dentistry!  This promotion as part of our GRAND OPENING in Prospect is unheard of. Most people look at me and think it is a joke, but let me assure you, for a limited time it is for real!

LISTEN to what Dr. Hahn has to say

So how does this work? Well, here are the basics, you will have to call to get more specific information. Ideal Dentistry is the most exclusive dental practice in Louisville. Our new facility is gorgeous and we are ready to show everyone why we are different. While we are out of network with insurance agencies for YOUR BENEFIT, we still accept payment from all insurances! This way you get the best quality dentistry available without compromise. Now, for a limited time, whatever your insurance pays towards your treatment, I will DOUBLE (up to, of course, the cost of the procedure or your yearly max). I can do this because I am not working for any insurance company, only you, the patient.

So, let’s look at a simple example. Let’s say you have $1000 worth of dentistry that you need and your insurance only pays 50%. That means they pay $500. Well guess what, when I double that you now get all the dentistry for FREE!

WHY am I doing this? Well, it certainly is not to make any money, as the above example demonstrates. I want everyone to experience IDEAL DENTISTRY and have the opportunity to learn how you can get out of the dental cycle. There is a better way. Once you understand how IDEAL DENTISTRY works you can save not only your teeth for the rest of your life, but thousands of dollars! As I said many times before, there is a reason why my patients have very few root canals, emergencies or lost teeth!

So when you make your appointment, and yes, space is limited, you will have to go through a new patient exam first. This way I can find out what treatment you need in the first place, as well as sit down with you for 30 minutes or so and show you how to get out of the dental trap. This is, by far, the most important service I can offer you. Once you understand what we will discuss, you will be in control of your own dental destiny, significantly reducing your future cost and time spent in the dental office. Restriction do apply, so call for details.

The DOUBLE YOUR INSURANCE BENEFITS program runs for a short time only as part of our GRAND OPENING celebration. There are several other promotions we are running, but they do not combine. Pick and choose what works best for you!

There is limited space available, so CALL TODAY to reserve your New Patient Exam and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity! 



 *Due to the extreme demand of this promotion we have to limit it to the FIRST 100 PATIENTS!  CALL TODAY or miss out on the best deal EVER.




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