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Dentures That Look Real – Natural, Beautiful And Comfortable


Natural looking dentures are what everyone with “false teeth” wants. So why is it then that so many, if not most, dentures look and feel terrible?

It is so sad to me that after already having suffered the loss of ones teeth now the new teeth make them look and feel older as well.

Many people have written me and asked me about cosmetic dentures, or natural looking dentures. Do they exist?

The simple answer is yes, of course they do, but not at a “buy one get one pair free” price. Creating beautiful, functional dentures is an art and takes time. The dentist needs to often set the teeth themselves, not just send them to a lab.

Think about it. You suddenly lost all your teeth, your gums, your lip support. The distance from your chin to your nose went from normal to almost touching. Yesterday we looked like a vibrant 45 year old and today you are pushing 70. This is essentially what loosing your teeth does to you. Now you want to replace the missing teeth and missing confidence. You have two choices, go with the almost “one size fits all” dentures which you will only wear if you absolutely have to, or you could go and invest in a beautiful smile, maybe something far superior to what you had in the past. The difference, over the lifespan of the denture (for arguments sake let’s say about 20 years) is less than pennies per day!!!

Most patients are drawn into the “denture specials” and end up sad and disappointed. Then I get comments on this website blog or via email or in my practice asking me what they can do. Well, you can throw out those fake teeth that make you look and feel 30 years older than you are, have an artist make you a beautiful set of natural looking dentures, OR, you could try to live with what you have. There really are few options at this point.

Needless to say, I strongly urge you to invest in yourself, your smile, your confidence. People do not need to know you have false teeth. As a matter of fact, you could have an incredible smile that most people envie. It is up to you.

Smile, It’s Natural!

Dr. Chris

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57 thoughts on “Dentures That Look Real – Natural, Beautiful And Comfortable

  1. Dr. Chris

    Dear Paris,

    Of course there is hope! A good looking and fitting denture is possible and all you need to do is find a dentist that has the experience to make this happen. There are many different payment plans that will also help you. I encourage you to start with a search in your area for a AACD accredited cosmetic dentist and speak to them, I am sure they can help or direct you.

    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  2. Lynnette phillips

    I need new dentures but need to know prices please

  3. Dr. Chris

    Dear Lynnette,

    While I love helping people, I cannot simply quote a price…I can tell you that dentures range in price and quality just like anything in life. You can spend $600 or $6000….What I do recommend is you find a dentist that has lots of experience, before and after photos of his/her work, that you like.

    Keep smiling,

    Dr. Chris

  4. Paul OToole

    I have dentures but over the years mtmy upper lip has thined. Are there dentures that give you a more natural look?

  5. doris baldwin

    I live in the San Antonio Texas area and need to locate a Dentist like yesterday..that can provide me with a complete set of dentures that look and feel like natural fitting teeth…not..fake looking …often too big or ill fitting..

    Can you send me some referrals…Please…Need your help in doing this badly…

  6. Dr. Chris

    Dear Doris, I am not able to find a dentist is your area that I am familiar with…Please go to and click the find a dentist button. A accredited or fellow member is what you want. Some are a bit of a drive from your location but it would be worth the time…

    Dr. Chris

  7. Dr. Chris

    Hello Paul,

    A denture can add bulk on the inside of your lip and make it look better :) You can also have your dentist test this by adding wax on top of the denture and see if you like it first.

    Dr. Chris

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