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Cosmetic Dentistry 101 – The Basics

Before you buy a car you do what? You research everything about cars, right?  I sure hope so.

What about cosmetic dentistry? The internet is a vast source of both good and bad information. So, how do you know which is which?

Cosmetic Dentistry 101 is the beginning of a simple series of blog entries that describe the basics of cosmetic and quality dentistry that you must know before getting it yourself.

I love outline formats. It allows me to quickly scan for the important stuff, so this blog will be written mostly in that format.

1. All Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Created Equal

This seems like a pretty straightforward point but far too often is ignored when “shopping” for a cosmetic dentist. You really do get what you pay for. The dentist not only has to have the skill, experience and passion to deliver top quality dentistry but he/she also needs to charge appropriate fees to pay an equally talented technician to create the work! It is not like one size fits all. Each and every tooth is a sculpture, a piece of art. For this reason, you need to decide what type of cosmetic dentistry you are looking for – a Ferrari f50 or a Toyota Accord. Both are cars, both drive, but there are certainly differences that we all could quickly point out. Quality cosmetic dentistry is light years different than average cosmetic dentistry.

2. Cosmetic Dentistry Takes Time

Time is the most valuable asset for everyone, including a dental business. It is, after all, a business. If something takes a long time, then it costs the dental practice more money in overhead. So, top quality cosmetic dentistry takes more time, which costs more money. If a smile makeover is promised in a short time, be wary. Does the dentist seem rushed? Does the dentist place his/her own fillings? Does the dentist see mostly 1 patient at a time or is the practice a mill? What type of dental practice is this – meaning; does the dentist do enough cosmetic dentistry or are they “practicing” on you? Observe if the dentist is rushed. How much time do they spend with you? How long is your consultation? Are questions welcome? Are emails responded to? If they are rushed now, why would they not rush your smile makeover? Are you a number, and if yes, is it number 1 or 1 out of 100 that day?

More coming soon!

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