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SmartView Matrix System – Making White Fillings Easier And More Comfortable To Place

I have the priviledge to be testing out a new composite matrix system by Compositesmart.

Placing white fillings in teeth, composites, requires meticulous technique, and in my practice I am always looking for products that make this process more efficient and comfortable for both me, the dentist, and the patient.

The new SmartView system changes the way the matrix band clamp/ring functions, effectively applying force around the neck of the tooth rather than up and away (which can result in traditional matrix band clamps flying of in a spectacular arc scaring the patient, and the dentist half to death).  This new SmartView Clip gives me the confidence that the ring is placed securely!

Furthermore, the shape of the “arms” that surround the tooth create a perfect contact between the teeth! This has always been the achilles heel with composite/white fillings.

Below are some photos of the “prototype” SmartView Matrix System that I am using (first case!).

SmartView Sectional Matrix System
SmartViewSectional Matrix System
SmartView Sectional Matrix System

To learn more about this new system, visit their website here: COMPOSITESMART


Smile, It’s Natural,

Dr. Chris


AND, this is very important…the system is completely MADE IN THE USA

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