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Comments That Fuel Me

Here are just a few of the comments I receive on my blog…thank you for taking the time to let me know you appreciate the information! It is these type of comments that give me the energy to do the right kind of dentistry – to be the dentist that is different, that looks out for the patient the best he can. Thank you!

Dr. Chris


Dear Dr. Chris,

Running across your website is truly inspirational!  It is a relief to know that I am not not the only one going through the oral health misery I am experiencing.  While I would never wish anything bad on anyone, I am so thankful to have found a physician who cares so much about his patients.  I too am a healthcare provider, finishing up my doctorate this year.  I have had terrible oral health for as long as I can remember.  I have had procedure after procedure, always needing more work.  My mouth has hit a low point, and I now find it difficult to smile at my patients.  I know I am partially responsible for my condition, but at 24 years old I know there must be a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing solution.  I am from Southern Illinois, and would very much enjoy a consultation with you in the future.  I feel that traveling a short distance is just fine for quality care.


Dr. Hahn.. It is so relieving to see your blog. I get terrible shaking to visit a dentist because of bad experience with my previous dentist. After reading your blog feel relaxed. I want to go for removable braces and I would like to know whether it possible to have braces with little bonding in my front teeth, and I am 34 yrs old. It would be great if you answer.
Thank you for your time.


This blog is much more beneficial than a dental care plan. People are always looking for a dentist who is an expert in their work and provides full satisfaction to their patients.


What a wonderful post. The way you have explained about porcelain veneers is so catchy. Good work. Keep on posting.


Dr. I must applaud you for your dedication to removable prosthetics. I’m a CDT and wish I had more accounts like you that push for premium appliances for the oral health of your patients. Have a blessed day!


Wow, great blog. Sounds like u really care about your patients. I am impressed. I will be calling your office Wednesday and look forward to meeting u and your staff. Plz tell me u work on ” chickens” i.e. patients that have a bit of “nervousness”. Do u use any kind of sedation/pill/ ? ( I hope ). Thx, have a great evening!



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