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Stop The Dental Visits!

Oct 31, 2014 Ideal Dentistry is in the business of putting dentists out of business! Yes, it’s true, everything we do is geared towards helping our patients not only fix their current dental problems such as pain, decay and poor esthetics, but Dr. Hahn has developed a program called the Dental Peace Program which gets patients out of the dental cycle of constantly needing more dentistry and constantly increasing costs! Do you have a TIME BOMB in your mouth? Take a look…do you see any black silver mercury fillings? IF you do, then you have a dental time bomb! Silver Mercury fillings expand... Read More »

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Ideal Dentistry Smile Care Plan

Oct 29, 2014 No insurance? No Problem! Ideal Dentistry, Louisville’s premier dental practice, offers an extremely comprehensive Smile Care Plan that not only allows you to enjoy the benefits of top quality, lasting dentistry, but gives you this life enhancing dentistry at significantly reduced fees! Switch to Ideal Dentistry in Prospect, KY and experience the difference everyone is talking about. Click the link below to learn more about this plan or call Lori at 502-228-4585 today. SMILE CARE PLAN 2014-2015 Read More »

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Componeers – An Economical Yet Beautiful Alternative To Porcelain Veneers

Oct 28, 2014 Dr. Christian Hahn has been teaching other dentists around the World for 4 years now how to restore beautiful smiles with Componeers, the gorgeous economic alternative to porcelain veneers. Last week Dr. Hahn taught a group of Dentists in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the benefits of Componeers and how adding this affordable alternative to porcelain laminates can make a positive difference in their practice! Cosmetic Dentistry is life changing, but only if the patient can afford it. Porcelain veneers are expensive, require several visits and are hard to repair. Componeers, indirect composite laminate veneers, are beautiful, easy adjust and repair... Read More »

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