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How are White Fillings Placed?

Feb 26, 2014 Everybody likes beautiful white teeth. Did you ever wonder how a white composite filling is placed? What is involved in replacing a silver mercury/amalgam filling? Well, here is a quick step by step outline demonstrating the placement of a white filling. ISOLATION: We need to isolate the tooth with or without a rubber shield. Below you can see how some of the fillings are isolated. In some of the teeth the silver mercury or decay has already been removed. We use a clamp to separate the teeth so a tight contact can be achieved in the final restoration. EVALUATION:... Read More »

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Free Nitrous and Half Price White Fillings!

Feb 12, 2014 Did you know that not even dentists like to go to the dentist? Dental pain is awful, keeps getting worse and is hard to manage. When your tooth hurts you can’t do much of anything else! So at Ideal Dentistry in Dupont Circle we are trying something different to help you! We are big believers in Laughing Gas (nitrous) because it really makes you comfortable in the dental chair. From today till the end of February we will offer FREE NITROUS with every dental visit (treatment) to all new patients! Yes, free laughing gas to make you relax and... Read More »

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Pay It Forward Smiles

Feb 06, 2014 We all have gifts and talents. At Ideal Dentistry we have elected to “pay it forward” by helping those in our community that could use a “lift me up”. ┬áIf you have received a “pay it forward smiles” card from one of our staff members, please call us at 502-228-4585 to schedule your complimentary smile enhancement. There is absolutely zero cost or obligation to you except that we ask you “pass it forward” somehow, sometime. Thank you. Dr. Chris and the staff at Ideal Dentistry Read More »

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