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Life Changing Dentures

Mar 27, 2013                   I would like to discuss how dentures can change your life today…why you ask, well, simple , I have had several wonderful patients come to my office recently who had to put their life on hold because of their bad dentures. When I speak to a group of dentists my goal is not only to teach them about cosmetic dentistry, but much more importantly, teach them that we as dentists can change lives…we  can make or break patients confidence, success, and most importantly, happiness. The two patients I am referring... Read More »

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Problem Solving Dentist

Mar 18, 2013 So what does your dentist do when he is not working on teeth? Well, in the case of Ideal Dentistry it is inventing solutions – problem solving – for all industries! I have spent my entire life looking at aspects of my daily routine and improved them. That is why I have created the Dental Peace Program – rather than see the dentist with new problems every year, slowly getting worse every year, I found a solution that actually solves the problem of continuous dental breakdown. This dental peace program was created out of my necessity to not just be a... Read More »

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