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Is Your Dentist Practicing Blind?

Jan 29, 2013 Magnification in dentistry in 2013 is a must. Dental fillings, crowns and porcelain work such as veneers require that we work in fractions of millimeters.   The thickness of a porcelain veneer can be around 0.3 mm! The edge of a filling may require as little as a 0.5 mm bevel around the whole tooth The edges of porcelain crowns come to sharp point and are thinner than the thickness of your fingernail Even with 20/20 vision you still are blind compared to magnficiation There are many more examples such as finding decay, fractures, etc. that require the use... Read More »

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Comments That Fuel Me

Jan 22, 2013 Here are just a few of the comments I receive on my blog…thank you for taking the time to let me know you appreciate the information! It is these type of comments that give me the energy to do the right kind of dentistry – to be the dentist that is different, that looks out for the patient the best he can. Thank you! Dr. Chris   Dear Dr. Chris, Running across your website is truly inspirational!  It is a relief to know that I am not not the only one going through the oral health misery I am... Read More »

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Do Straight Teeth Look Better?

Jan 18, 2013 Straight teeth are an important icon in our society – it is no wonder parents will forgo many creature comforts to straighten their kids teeth as teens. Everybody understands that a good smile gives you an edge in society: People hire people with nice smiles People date people with nice smiles So what can you do about your smile? Here is a case I just completed on someone that was told she could not have clear braces by another dentist.     Besides the improvements in esthetics, the case also significantly helped the patient functionally. She now is able... Read More »

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