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Never Worry About Your Mouth Again

Dec 30, 2012 Would you like to know what it takes to truly be free of dental problems? Would you like to have a healthy, clean, functioning mouth? Would you like to escape TheDentalCycle of ever increasing need of dentistry and cost over your lifetime? To achieve this you need to follow what I call THE DENTAL PEACE PROGRAM, a plan developed by Ideal Dentistry to maximize your chances to stay out of the dental office, saving thousands of dollars and hours of time spent in the dental chair. The gap between quality dentistry and patch dentistry is growing with this economy. Unfortunately... Read More »

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Addressing Dental Fears

Dec 17, 2012 Who loves to go to the dentist? I bet most of you would rather watch grass grow than visit your dentist for a check-up. Why do people dread going to the dentist? My experience has allowed me to narrow it down to 2 main issues: Fear of pain Fear of cost Many patients simply have had bad experiences in the past or have heard horror stories from their friends. We are, after all, a society that seems to focus on negative in our world – most people feel inclined to share and discuss how bad everything is…just watch the... Read More »

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Patient Interview – Invisalign

Dec 10, 2012 Invisalign Clear Braces is the treatment of choice at Ideal Dentistry to correct misaligned teeth. Please enjoy this interview with a patient from Ideal Dentistry that underwent Invisalign to straighten her teeth. Tyra Redus Invisalign Interview If you are interested in straightening your teeth with Invisaling, contact the Invisalign Expert of Louisville, Ideal Dentistry, today! Keep Smiling, Dr. Chris Read More »

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Bad Teeth = Bad Breath

Dec 05, 2012 Bad breath is a killer. It kills dates, job interviews, friendships, and many other relationships. We all know people that have bad breath and most of us would not dare tell that person about it. The truth is, we all have bad breath at times, but some people literally have bad breath all the time and don’t know it. How do you think that affects their life? Bad breath has many origins, but quite frequently it is bad teeth, meaning decay, gum disease and misaligned teeth where plaque is hard to get off. Bateria smell bad, and if your mouth... Read More »

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Second Opinion – New but Bad Fitting And Painful Crown

Dec 04, 2012 Case Report: This young lady had this crown placed within the last year and has had constant pain since placement. Went back to see her dentist several times for “adjustments” without relief. Finally, after loosing confidence in her dentist she sought a second opinion. After a thorough exam it was determined that the crown did not fit well – it did not seal around the tooth. Having not resolved the bad fitting crown in time it is very likely that she now will also need a root canal treatment as the tooth is dying because of the poor fitting... Read More »

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