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What Do Women Really Want? A Man With A Good Smile!

Oct 30, 2012       Smile makeovers are not just for women! Why do I brings this up? Well, the last 4 functional smile reconstructions we have completed at Ideal Dentistry were for men! So why would men want to rebuild their smile? This brings me to one of the most important, and honest, conversations I heard… This is a TRUE story that happened not too long ago: Man: “So, Jenny (changed name, but rest assured Jenny is a very beautiful, middle-aged lady with a successful broadcasting career), how did you date go last weekend with that lawyer?” Jenny:”Well, he is... Read More »

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Second Annual Ideal Dentistry Sweet Swap Halloween Candy Party

Oct 29, 2012 Trade in your candy for a gift and enter to win Tinseltown Movies For A Year! (12 total) Enjoy your candy – pick some of your favorites, and then bring the rest to us at Ideal Dentistry and get a chance to win FREE movie passes for a year. EVERYBODY who donates candy will receive a Coupon for a discounted cleaning at Ideal Dentistry – and nobody cleans your teeth better! We have teamed up with OPERATION GRATITUDE who will send the donated candy oversees to our troops – minus a fee hand selected pieces for the staffs secret... Read More »

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Opportunity at Ideal Dentistry in Louisville!

Oct 23, 2012 Ideal Dentistry has been busy expanding! Our new dental practice located in the heart of Louisville on Dupont Circle is looking for a great dentist to join our team, full time. This is a rare opportunity, but we move fast. If you are a dentist that wants to work for a dental practice that puts its patients first, demands quality and loves what they do, then contact us TODAY! For details contact me at Read More »

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