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Second Chance Dentistry – Get Quality Dentistry At A Discount!

Jul 23, 2012 Not happy with the cosmetic dentistry you received? Just got a new crown and it looks like a marshmallow? Black lines around your crowns? New veneers that look like they were for Mr. Ed? What should a good crown look and fit like? – Read this post as well! (one of my most popular posts)   Daily I receive emails, blog comments, and office visits from people that are very unhappy with the dentistry they received, and often rightfully so. The problem is that they just paid a lot of money for something they really don’t want to live... Read More »

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Cosmetic Dentistry WITHOUT Cutting Teeth

Jul 09, 2012 No teeth were hurt to produce this porcelain veneer smile!   Do no harm. One of the most important doctrines, ever. So if this philosophy is so important, why do so many dentist opt to cut teeth down to cap them for cosmetic reasons? At Ideal Dentistry saving your teeth is our top priority. We do not cut teeth unless it is the absolute last resort. Can you have a beautiful smile AND save your teeth? Most of the time YES! Porcelain and composite veneers now can be placed over teeth, often requiring little to no tooth reduction. You... Read More »

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Are You Wearing Out Your Teeth?

Jul 02, 2012 Teeth wear out, that is a fact, but at what age? Are your teeth chipping? Are your teeth breaking? Do your teeth seem to look shorter all the time? How about the color – are your teeth turning more and more yellow? Are you having trouble chewing your food? Assuming normal wear and tear without excessive grinding and clenching, you will have worn through the hard part (enamel) of your teeth when you hit 50. From this point on your teeth will wear 7 times as fast! Within a short amount of time your teeth wear rapidly and begin... Read More »

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