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Ideal Dentistry On WAVE 3 Friday April 20th 2012

Apr 19, 2012 STYLE YOUR SMILE! I will be talking about Smile Makeovers on Wave 3, Louisville, at 12PM Friday! Topics will include Porcelain Veneers, Componeers, Cosmetic Dentures, and anything that will style your smile. Call the station with questions, live. Find out why Ideal Dentistry is Louisvilles’ Ideal Smile Stylist! Keep smiling, Dr. Chris Read More »

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SmartView Matrix System – Replace Both The Rubber Dam Clamp And Your Old Composite Ring Clamp

Apr 10, 2012 The Smartview Matrix System I have been testing (these are prototypes) offers another unique advantage – It can be used as a rubber dam clamp at the same time, eliminating a large, clumsy piece of equipment that used to be essential when using a rubber dam (which makes composite filling placement significantly easier). Using a rubber dam during the placement phase of the composite filling really is the standard of care. Moisture contamination is one of the main reasons composite (white) fillings fail (including sensitivity).   How does it work? Well, the unique retentive arm of the Smartview Matrix... Read More »

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Componeers – Beautiful Direct Composite Veneers At Half The Cost Of Porcelain!

Apr 04, 2012     A beautiful smile should not be a luxury – everyone deserves to love their smile! Until recently, a smile makeover always consisted of porcelain veneers or crowns that are not always in the budget for most people. Plus, these porcelain restorations, while beautiful, are very hard to repair.  If the porcelain veneers are not in the budget, the only other option then was a hand sculpted composite resin veneer. These literally require the dentist to be an artist, are very time-consuming and frequently do not look as good as the patient would like. Now there is a... Read More »

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