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SmartView Matrix System – Making White Fillings Easier And More Comfortable To Place

Mar 28, 2012 I have the priviledge to be testing out a new composite matrix system by Compositesmart. Placing white fillings in teeth, composites, requires meticulous technique, and in my practice I am always looking for products that make this process more efficient and comfortable for both me, the dentist, and the patient. The new SmartView system changes the way the matrix band clamp/ring functions, effectively applying force around the neck of the tooth rather than up and away (which can result in traditional matrix band clamps flying of in a spectacular arc scaring the patient, and the dentist half to death).  This... Read More »

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FREE Dental Cleanings For Kids!

Mar 20, 2012 Yes, it’s true! Join the Ideal Smile Care Plan today and for the next 2 years your children between the age of 3 and 13 receive complimentary dental cleanings. You will save a lot of money, but just as importantly, you will receive the best dental are available anywhere with a gentle touch. We love kids! Our philosophy is simple. Deliver a superior dental experience and make sure kids love to see the dentist. We never push kids to do things they do not like! Ideal Dentistry offers a fully array of dental services for adults and children of... Read More »

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Dentures That Look Real – Natural, Beautiful And Comfortable

Mar 05, 2012   Natural looking dentures are what everyone with “false teeth” wants. So why is it then that so many, if not most, dentures look and feel terrible? It is so sad to me that after already having suffered the loss of ones teeth now the new teeth make them look and feel older as well. Many people have written me and asked me about cosmetic dentures, or natural looking dentures. Do they exist? The simple answer is yes, of course they do, but not at a “buy one get one pair free” price. Creating beautiful, functional dentures is an... Read More »

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