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Sean Ramey From The Bachelotette – Thank You For Your Testamonial!

Aug 30, 2011 If you want to experience the life changing benefits of a beautiful smile, give us a call! Smile, It’s Natural, Dr. Chris Read More »

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Adult Orthodontic Treatment – Function Leads To Proper Esthetics In Louisville

Aug 29, 2011 A friend of mine, Alex Nguyen (an exceptional dentist), just wrote a blog post about adult orthodontics. His explanation of why adult braces are not only about cosmetics is simple and to the point. Many patients feel they are too old to get braces – some don’t even know that braces are a treatment option. Here is the blog post, reprinted with permission from Dr. Nguyen(original article here): It is not uncommon that I recommend my patients to consider orthodontic treatments to straighten their teeth.  Sometimes my adult patients€™ initial reaction would sound something like:  €I am too old... Read More »

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Escape The Dental Cycle – Achieve STABILITY

Aug 16, 2011 The mighty OAK is a great analogy to you, the mighty HUMAN. Both the oak and you need stability to grow strong and live long. Here is how the oak tree does it: Oak trees have a strong roots system that nourishes and supports the tree. In human beings we need a strong root system to nourish and maintain the body as well. Over the past 13 years I have developed a 5 root stability program that allows you to become the strongest and healthiest “you” that you can be. Each one of these 5 roots is essential to... Read More »

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