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Porcelain Veneers – The Ultimate Smile Enhancer

Apr 25, 2011 Your smile is an extension of who you are, a window to your soul. If you do not love your smile, then you are not letting yourself experience one of the greatest joys in life… What does your smile say about you? Does it radiate confidence? Does it radiate beauty? Does it turn heads? A smile is a powerful tool in the job market – don’t underestimate the positive effects a beautiful smile can have on your career, and on the flip side, the negative effect a poor smile can have as well. At Ideal Dentistry we deliver custom... Read More »

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Autism Awareness Month – Why Is Autism So Common?

Apr 20, 2011   This is a graph of the growth of autism cases from 1992-2008!   FACTS on Autism that we all need to be aware of: Depending on the study, about 1 child in 166 or less is diagnosed with autism now. It used to be less than 1 in 1000 about 10 years ago. Autism cases increased over 800% from the early 90’s to now. Childhood autism cases have DOUBLED since 2003 alone Cases of autism in the U.S. have now increased by over 2700 percent since 1991, which is when vaccines for children doubled, and the number of... Read More »

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Dr. Hahn on Wave 3 Listens Live today

Apr 20, 2011 Dr. Hahn will talk about his new VIP Rewards Program and Cosmetic Dentistry today at 10 AM on the Cindi Sullivan Show – Louisville Listens Live! Read More »

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Announcing Ideal Dentistry VIP Rewards Program!

Apr 11, 2011 Ideal Dentistry is proud to introduce it’s VIP Rewards Program! Our goal is to deliver premium service which in turn results in optimal oral health for you. The IDEAL DENTISTRY VIP REWARDS Program pays you back – we know you have many dentists to choose from and appreciate your business! Ideal Dentistry already delivers world class dentistry in a biological/naturopathic approach, now we are taking the worry out of getting dentistry by warranting our work for life! And if that was not enough, we are helping you pay for possible future services by giving VIP member 10% back on... Read More »

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The Dental Cycle – What is it and why you want OUT!

Apr 04, 2011   You see the dentist for your bi-annual cleaning and check-up, and a cavity is €œdiscovered€. You schedule an appointment, go in and get your cavity fixed, and then wait till your next cleaning and check-up appointment, at which point a new cavity is €œdiscovered€ and you schedule an appointment to get it fixed. Repeat this for the next foreseeable future you there you go; you are in the dental cycle. Frequently this dental cycle is closely related to your insurance benefits. Meaning, you see the dental hygienist two times a year because your insurance pays for two visits... Read More »

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