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Fluoride – Is It Bad For Me?

Feb 22, 2011 For many decades fluoride has been given credit for the reduction in tooth decay. All this may change. When I first moved to Louisville I noticed an alarming number of patients with the above pictured tooth pattern called “dental fluorosis”. Back on Orange County, California I saw a case like this every so often. This epidemic of dental fluorosis here in Louisville pushed me even further towards my belief in natural, organic care. What is dental fluorosis? Simply put, the enamel (the strong, outside layer of the tooth) is created with a different crystal, namely fluoride, which can increase... Read More »

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We Treat The Entire Body, Not Just Teeth

Feb 16, 2011 I have written and lectured about “The Dental Cycle” for years now, yet on a daily basis I encounter patients that have never heard of it. The Dental Cycle, and freeing yourself from it, is at the core value of Ideal Dentistry. This whole concept is what sets us apart from all other dental practices. We work hard at teaching you how to not need our services, rather than find services we can provide for you! Those services we do provide are performed only at the highest standards, without compromise. Our perfect patient has a beautiful, healthy mouth and... Read More »

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Cosmetic Dentistry – Another Happy Patient

Feb 07, 2011 Cosmetic dentistry goes beyond white fillings…Cosmetic dentistry changes lives. All of us here at Ideal Dentistry really love getting emails from patients telling us how we changed their lives. This recent email had personal before and after photos in it, and we wanted to share them with you all! You look great Pat! Keep smiling, Christian Read More »

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